Cyprus 44 Closing Down

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ANNOUNCEMENT – 28/03/2012

Dear Cyprus44 Forum Members and Visitors,

I sincerely regret to inform you today that I have decided to discontinue Cyprus44 forums.

It has been a very hard decision to make, but a well thought one.

Over the past 5 years, we have seen more than 89000 topics and 830000 posts on the forums. I would like to think most of them were helpful and can be good reference in the future. Thus, my aim is to keep the current forum content online.

I setup Cyprus44 as a hobby website to promote North Cyprus. In the past year though, it has been incredibly challenging to run the forums section due to many reasons. The struggle I have to make to keep this forum running can no longer be justified within my hobby definition.

I would like to thank all forum admins here again for giving many hours from their own lives to volunteer moderating this forum at their best intentions.

My best regards,

Izzet Zorlu
Owner of

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