Cyprus 44 Forum is not dead, it’s resting!

I was saddened but not surprised to read that the very popular North Cyprus forum Cyprus 44 is no more. There is very little in the way of freedom of expression in North Cyprus so this forum will be sadly missed. Many criticised it as a platform for the bitter and twisted, I never saw it that way. In truth, if anyone became overbearing to other posters, if a few insults were exchanged, then the moderators were vigilant and took whatever action they deemed necessary. In the main posters were courteous to each other and much good advice and many useful tips were exchanged. I for one will miss Cyprus 44. It was a useful source of information for me.

The media in North Cyprus is somewhat subdued in its handling of the news. Especially where the property scam issue is concerned. The banks are using laws meant to protect them from unfair criticism to deflect all criticism, even when the criticism is justified. They also appear to be open to a little leverage to slew the news to the advantage of their advertisers. This a very unhealthy state of affairs and when you see the main English language newspaper, which relies on its revenue from the English community doing the same, one has to wonder where this will end.

As an outsider I do see some changes coming to North Cyprus. The Unions are not at all happy, the ordinary rank and file members are showing their dissent in ways that cannot be ignored. The standard of living for all hard working Turkish Cypriots is visibly falling. If the expatriate community were to leave in large numbers, there will surely be knock on effect of gargantuan proportions. The tourist industry is already at an all time low, the property market is in a similar position, the Construction Industry relies on foreign and domestic purchasers who have lost confidence in this sector. So how can confidence be restored?

The one sure fire way is for the Government to restore confidence in all affected areas and to get to grips with property problems and make positive moves towards solving them. Sitting back and ignoring them is no longer good enough. The idea of the rich getting richer and the poor getting shafted no longer works. Now it is the rich getting richer and the poor are getting angry.

Peter Wright

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