Akfinas Bank v K5 | Issuing Multiple Writs is an Act of Intimidation

It would appear that the legal system, set up to protect the weak, is now the ***DELETED*** Bank’s weapon of choice.

Does anyone else see the use of drip fed Writs being delivered to an old woman’s home on a regular basis anything other than intimidation? Does anyone else wonder what the hard working depositors of this bank would think of their money being used to fund this form of intimidation? Does any else wonder what the mentality of those who sanction such actions is? Does anyone else wonder when the Government will step in and say, for goodness stop bringing our country into disrepute by so publicly raining these acts of terrorism on an old woman? Does anyone else wonder when the Central Bank will take the ***DELETED*** Bank to task and tell them they are bring the whole of the banking industry into disrepute and slap them with a Writ under Banking Law 39/200. Three Writs in the system and ten plus promised. Is this the way you want your bank to behave? If they truly believe they have a case of Libel against this woman, why not combine all their complaints into one Writ? The answer to that question is glaringly obvious, it would not terrorise her for long enough. Haven’t they yet realised that someone who complains so long and so loud might just be right. Why in the twilight of her life, would any old woman bring this sort of mayhem into her life for no reason?

Having spoken to this victim, I can only conclude that she is a woman on a mission. Her mission to right the wrongs that have been heaped upon her and to help others with similar problems. I personally think she is too old for the job, but maybe that is why she is doing it, perhaps she feels that she has had the majority of her life and would not like to see a younger person having their life blighted as hers clearly is. Whatever her motivation is, my advice to her would be, slow down, you cannot cure the ills of the world.

The Kulaksiz 5, the Tutuska victims, the Boyut victims, the Santa Fe victims, the Sercem victims, the Aga victims, the Armacon victims, the Olive Grove victims, the Nokta victims and so many more are not just the victims of their builders/landowners or banks; they are victims of the North Cyprus Governments too. Both past and present Governments, in allowing badly run companies and outdated laws in this sector to go unmonitored and unchecked for too long, are responsible for this unholy mess. None of this could or would have happened if the Government departments responsible for overseeing these cowboys had kept their eye on the ball.

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