Cyprus News | TRNC MP Reveals Attempted Bribery


Cyprus News | TRNC MP Reveals Attempted Bribery

Bribery in north Cyprus. Would you Adam and Eve it?

‘Parliamentary Speaker Hasan Bozer has announced that he has made a request to the Attorney General to begin legal proceedings regarding the bribery claims put forward by Ejder Aslanbaba.

MR. Aslanbaba had claimed that he received a bribe from some MP’s within his own party during yesterday’s parliamentary session and handed the money along with a voice recording to the parliamentary speaker.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Sibel Siber has voiced her opinion regarding the claims. ‘We are deeply saddened by the claims’ Mrs. Siber is quoted as saying.

Issuing a written statement on the issue of bribery, Prime Minister Sibel Siber evaluated the scandal that took place during the vote of confidence for the new interim government as ‘an initiative aiming to discrediting the parliament’.

Noting that she was upset by the incident, the Prime Minister said the necessary initiatives have been launched in order to start legal proceedings.

The Premier said the developments regarding the issue will be made public.’ [BRT]

Or…would you take it as normal? Hopefully those days are over and we are about to experience transparency and honesty from future Governments. Will you please stop laughing and put that brown envelope away?

It is sad, and not really a laughing matter when you consider how many people’s lives have been blighted by such practices. This is a very young country that will only benefit from an honest and transparent governance. How much easier that would be to achieve if all embargoes were lifted and full recognition given. When will the rest of the world grow up enough to see that behaving like children and saying “if you don’t do as we say, you cannot play with us”? It never worked when they really were children, why should it work now?

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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