Cyprus News | Is Job Satisfaction a Dream?

Cyprus News | Is Job Satisfaction a Dream?Cyprus News | Is Job Satisfaction a Dream?

We spend approximately two third of our lives at work under stressful conditions. It is likely for us to be very often fed up  as a worker. Although there are some useful factors to increase the number of content workers in society, it is not realistic to expect all the workers to be satisfied with their work lives.

Initially, nowadays, money seems to play the biggest role in job satisfaction. This may be due to the ongoing economical crisis affecting almost every country in the world. Therefore, less paid jobs may mean more depressed workers. It is not quite possible to have eager employees if they are constantly worrying about paying their bank credits. As a solution, employers should consider paying hard-working employees more. In addition, salaries should be higher in busy periods. For instance, waiters in the TRNC work at least 8 hours a day in both winter and summer season but they get the same salary in both seasons. Especially in Kyrenia, summers are always much busier for restaurants as there is a significant tourist flow into the city.

Moreover, it seems to be a must to have an efficient manager in every company. Counsellors should be hired to help employees cope with job stress. This is not an expensive idea because there are many senior (4th year) students looking for an opportunity to gain experience, and prove themselves, without expecting any money. Furthermore, it is a good idea for a manager to have the willingness to organize various activities such as football matches and book clubs to bring colour to the workplace.

Then again, to be perfectly honest, it is quite impossible to make every employee satisfied. The continuing economical crisis putting more and more pressure on individuals, employers who are quite selfish and very careful with their money are on the rise. For example, my friend works in a prestigious company and he is paid very well. However, his eagle-eyed boss is constantly monitoring him and giving him demanding tasks since he wants my friend to deserve every penny that he is given.

In conclusion, it is possible to raise employee satisfaction. Yet, it is rather difficult to do so in a world where extreme competitiveness and high expectations are prevalent.

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