Cyprus News | Computers to Grade Essays

Cyprus News | Computers to Grade Essays

In the 21st century, the computer is being used in many different fields and it is bringing convenience into our lives. In addition, the idea of using computers to grade and assess students’ assignments is becoming popular because computers are quick and practical. However, they do not have a human-like cognitive thinking abilities and their usage depends on electricity.

Initially, critical thinking carries a great deal of importance when assessing an essay. This checking process does not only consist of focusing on language mistakes or structural errors but also should contain detailed feedback and discussion sessions. Thus, the students are given a chance to clearly understand what is wrong with their papers and they can learn from each other’s mistakes during the classroom discussion.

Moreover, undeveloped countries are forever having electricity cuts and they cannot afford to pay huge electricity bills. Hence, implementing a computerised system in such countries is neither practical nor reliable. Furthermore, in order to benefit fully from computer grading, there should be a computer for each student so that the students could take their time and examine their exam results. Providing computers to all students at schools can be extremely expensive and if a student cannot afford to buy a computer for him/herself, which is very likely, s/he will have to wait for ages.

In contrast, computers are quick and practical. Teachers may need a couple of months to check one hundred essays manually but with computers, essays can be checked in a few days. Therefore, this method saves time for lecturers to find extra time to work on their own studies or they may put longer office hours into their schedules. Finally, yet importantly, there is no concern in regard to the practicality of computers since most students find them very easy to use.

In conclusion, computers cannot think like humans at present. Therefore, they cannot be a replacement for teachers. However, the computer can check essays fast and become a teacher’s best friend.

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