Cyprus News | Coalition Government Talks Come to a Head

Cyprus News | Coalition Government Talks Come to a Head

Havadis newspaper (26.08.13), under the title “Critical Monday”, reports that today CTP-BG is expected to decide whether they will continue their efforts to establish a coalition government with UBP or if they will return the duty to President Eroglu who would then offer the opportunity to UBP to see if they could form a coalition with DP-UG.

However, Huseyin Ozgurgun, candidate for UBP’s leadership, says his that his party is positive about discussions with the CTP but Volkan newspaper (26.08.13) reports that there are three different groups with opposing views within the CTP-BG. This includes one involving Ozdil Nami and Asim Akansoy, who believe that the party should try to continue discussions with DP-UG. Another group, which supports former President Talat and includes Ferdi Sabit Soyer and Omer Kalyoncu, says that because Turkey wants a CTP-UBP coalition, “otherwise we will not be able to pay the wages”.

Volkan alleges that the third group is headed by “the supporters of AKEL in Famagusta district” who say that the CTP-BG should not participate in a coalition government but instead should work together with the trade unions to carry out a strong opposition against whichever government is formed, against Eroglu’s policy in the Cyprus talks, against the economic package, against privatizations and against Turkey.

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