Cyprus News | Memories of a USA Visit

Cyprus News | Memories of a USA Visit

I love America. I love to visit America but I am not sure I would want to live there. It is very strange, I love north Cyprus and I know I want to live here but I also know many do not want me to live here.

Last year I visited the US on one of my trips; I aim to visit every other year. I thoroughly enjoy it, my long time friend Daphne and I visit so many different parts of this beautiful and diverse country but, even so, we have only touched on this huge country and there is so much more I want to see.

Last year we combined our trips so that we could visit yet another long term friend in Niagara in Canada. We did the trips down memory lane (as you do) and it was a wonderful experience. It is fascinating that they have Niagara Falls on both sides of the border and I managed to find this photo of both of the falls.


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