Crossing Into North Cyprus From the South Is a Sin Says Archbishop

Crossing Into North Cyprus From the South Is a Sin Says ArchbishopJust when many may have believed that religious figures had nothing new to say about morality, Archbishop Chrysostomos in his Easter Sunday address managed to introduce a new sin in his sermon. Apparently those who crossed daily to the north for shopping and who traveled through the Ercan airport had strayed from national and religious values as much as those who support abortion and cohabitation of same-sex partners. He appears to believe it’s a sin to support the economy of North Cyprus.

Mind you, he did seem to think it would be acceptable for people to “visit churches and the graves of their ancestors.” I guess they would have to pack a picnic and make sure their car had a full tank so as not to spend any money during their visit. I’m sure that would count as a sin. I was wondering what Archbishop Chrysostomos thought of The Anglican Church of St Andrew’s in Kyrenia and its staff and congregation. Perhaps they worship a different God who doesn’t believe that living in or supporting the North Cyprus economy is a sin. It’s almost as if the Archbishop is using the Church as a vehicle to express his personal opinion – God forbid!

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  • Gram

    Just a personal opinion –
    “….pride has been labelled the father of all sins…” – a sin exhibited by EVERY priest/rabbi/vicar/shaman/whatever-labelled individual of any and all religions, who claims to speak for/on behalf of God, and promulgates any supposed decree of God….
    I believe that in the infinitesimally small chance that I matter that much that God wants me to know something, He will tell me direct; not through some third party – and THAT (my) belief is yet again the sin of pride….

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