Here Are Some of The Best Free Kindle Books to Download

Here Are Some of The Best Free Kindle Books to DownloadIf you have an Amazon account then you really should have a look at these Free Kindle Books to Download. It’s sometimes difficult to get a good book to read in North Cyprus and for Kindle owners or those with any ereader software on a tablet, this is a good way to get a free supply of books while sitting on the beach.

The Free Kindle Books on Amazon include all the popular categories. To make sure you pick the best, look for those book which have 4 or 5 stars from lots of readers. Usually the best books can be found in the free kindle books top 100 list. Be careful, some authors fiddle their ranking. To see if they have, copy the link to their book into FakeSpot. I did this for ‘Maniacal: A Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Book 1‘, a 4.2/5 rated book from 250 readers, and was told that the reviews were ‘A’ graded and therefore reliable.

Go on, click this link to the Free Kindle Books to Download

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