Cyprus News | UN Report Supports Turkish Cypriots

Cyprus News | UN Report Supports Turkish CypriotsThe UN Secretary General’s report shows concern at Turkish Cypriot isolation. Bank Ki-moon also failed to condemn Turkey’s activities off the coast of Cyprus, displeasing the south’s government. The south’s President, Nicos Anastasiades, took the report as an attempt to force his back to the negotiation table

“I want to say one thing; I will not bow, under any circumstances, and be dragged into talks under threat or blackmail.”

In many ways Anastasiades was the best chance Cyprus had for a solution and the UNSG realises that as Anastasiades has no intention of negotiating a solution then the talks are over. However, it appears that the UN are now instead focusing on doing something about the north’s isolation. You have to wonder why the UN would want to continue dealing with the south when there are far more advantages in dealing with the north who are the only party who have supported a solution. In 2004 they voted to accept the UN’s Annan Plan.

What the UN could do is another matter, although a re-look at the United Nations Security Council Resolution which caused this isolation could end up with a different voting pattern. Or they could wait another 50 years?

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57 comments to Cyprus News | UN Report Supports Turkish Cypriots

  • Miltiades

    Dom, one of the fundamental principles in writting articles is to provide readers with a link. Otherwise Im inclined to think that, as per usual, you are spouting rubbish.

  • Miltiades

    European Parliament resolution on the situation in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus (2014/2921(RSP))

    Deplores the escalation of threats and unilateral action by Turkey against the Republic of Cyprus during the past few days in relation to the EEZ; underlines the fact that Ankara’s attitude directly threatens the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus;

    Urges Turkey to refrain from any provocation in direct violation of international law that may jeopardise the negotiations under the aegis of the UN;

    Reminds Turkey that as a candidate country for EU accession it should act in line with EU values, avoiding actions hostile to any Member State;

    Now read the whole report will you.

  • Ian Edwards

    “jeopardise the negotiations”?? What negotiations, Yiannis? There aren’t any, you clown! How can you jeopardise something that clearly ran its course ages ago?

    There’s that “pie-in-the-sky” nonsense again you seem unable to resist, Yiannis.

    And has it been clearly demonstrated that Turkey actually wants to join the EU? Why, to help it finance Greece and South Cyprus out of the poo?

    Are you kidding?

  • Miltiades

    As per usual, the crap you post have not altered one iota!!
    You are where you are because you ” searched around but could not find anything affortable else where2

    Now you have become a …scatologist on Cyprus matters, you Clown!

  • AM

    I wonder if there will be a “Cypexit” after the upcoming Grexit ?

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Yiannis, I’m where I am right now, and it’s beautiful…wet and cold as a nun’s kiss, but clear and fresh, and PEACEFUL. No GCs trying to tell us what to do or where to go…


  • Miltiades

    I know there are no G/Cs, Turkey with ethnic cleansing saw to that.
    Mate, your time will come when you will run back to yout outback shed with your tail between your legs!!

  • AM

    [shush reason=”antagonistic”]Hey Shitforbrains,[/shush]
    Just been reading some of the bilge you and your mates post on CF.
    You lot actually believe that you are blameless from 1960 to 74 and answerable to no one. Priceless.

  • Jerry

    SFB yourself AM. Next you will be telling us that the Greek Cypriots were to blame for the events, that you care to ignore, of 1958. You people do not realise that before 1960, in the eyes of the British and in practice, the Turkish Cypriots were top dogs.
    The history of Cyprus is far more complex than your tiny brains can comprehend. You instinctively assume that being the minority (although they claim to be equal partners) the TCs must be the victims in the dispute but you fail to apply the same reasoning between the GCs and Turkey.

  • Ian Edwards

    Jerry, tiny brains aside, what I believe gets up the noses of most people who aren’t GCs is the incessant whining “we did nothing wrong – it wasn’t our fault – we are the victims – the Turkish brutes are to blame for everything……etc.” that never seems to stop.

  • AM

    Jerry,..Ian is right your constant whining is mainly aimed at the Brits for buying property in the North how come you never mention the Russians or the Dutch or anywhere else for that matter… its just slag off the Brits,… the people who bought property in the North did not create all this and played no part in Cyprus history before 1974 so why blame them ?.

    And I do know a little about the so called Cyprus history you speak about,..I have been reading CF for a good few years now and there is a lot of info on there but I must confess its a little one sided for my liking… you must agree.

    I was interested to read what you would do with travellers to Cyprus going to the North,…..perhaps tar and feathering them would satisfy your need for punishment ?

  • Miltiades

    From the outset I state again that I, as a G/C, bear no animosity towards my T/C compatriots who also are the victims of the extreme elements in both communities.

    Cyprus has a long history of peaceful co existense between the two communities, that is untill the devide and rule policy reared its ugly head.

    I will say again that the two cancers afflicting the Cypriot people are none other than Turkey and Greece.

    As for the cheapskates living in stolen properties in the occupied parts of Cyprus, I have one thing to say.Your days are numbered !

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Yiannis, got news for you.

    Everyone’s days are numbered, mate.

    Even yours.

  • Jerry

    AM, the Turkish brutes started it when they decided that they wanted Cyprus back against the will of the majority of the population when the British left.
    We can debate who is to blame for the Cyprus Problem for ever but how would you feel if you were a Cypriot forced out of your home and subsequently saw someone else “buy” it and move in.
    The reason I don’t slag off the Dutch and Russians is because they don’t do what you do, they don’t come on here and brag about their acquisitions in the north – could be to do with the language barrier. Besides the term “carpetbagger” refers to any outsider who has bought our property in the north, not just Brits. Carpetbaggers and illegal settlers compound the island’s problems that’s why we despise you so much, the majority knew nothing of Cyprus before cheap villas became available and then they jumped on the bandwagon and became biased “experts” on the Cyprus Problem in order to justify their dodgy deals.
    I have made reference here several times about events pre independence. If you people bothered to study and understand them you would see that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots must take their share of the blame, they managed to screw this “equal community” nonsense out of the British despite the fact that they represented 18% of the population. I have always held the view that Britain went along with it as retribution for the EOKA campaign. The Greek Cypriots resented the fact that Cyprus was the only British colony not granted majority rule whilst Turkey and the likes of Denktash wanted partition – with help from the fascists from Mainland Greece they achieved their aim in1974.

  • AM

    So Jerry,

    Where would we be today IF Turkey had not intervened in 1974 ?

  • Miltiades

    “WE” ?
    Do please tell us where WE would be today!!

  • AM

    I was addressing Jerry……the organ grinder not the monkey so to speak.

    When I said “WE” I meant it metaphorically but for the uneducated (that means you Milf) what I meant was were would Cyprus be today.

    Now if you can’t come up with a reasonable answer leave it to the more sensible ones of your group. 🙂

  • Jerry

    Where would we be today? I image the Greek Cypriots would have slogged it out between themselves until one side came out on top. The majority were pro Makarios and no longer in favour of enosis. I think ultimately the majority would have prevailed but it’s difficult to predict. Turkey had the right to intervene. its mere presence on the island was enough to collapse the Junta in Athens, it could have negotiated a solution but it chose to colonise the north of the island instead but don’t take my word for it. Read what James Callaghan had to say about his efforts to avoid bloodshed on the island.
    You can also see why the Greek Cypriots despise Kissinger as they do. Turkey cared little for the Turkish Cypriots but they were the key to achieving the occupation and subsequent colonisation. The massacres committed by the Greek Cypriots in 1974 happened AFTER the second part of the invasion. Turkey knew it put the TCs in jeopardy but nevertheless carried out its long-standing plan of reclaiming the island.

    I’m not part of any “group”, I have met Milti on more than one occasion and have great regard for him. He may use colourful language to express his views but in the main I agree with what he says.

  • Miltiades

    The right of intervention by any three of the guarantors did not include invading, occupying, colonising a part of Cyprus, demographic change, renaming towns and villages, obliterating age old G/C signs, selling G/C properties to scum, declaring a part of Cyprus as the “trnc”, and in the process killing thousands, rape and abductions. It was an Invasion by a brutal third world country followed by another invasion by senile old fools who are now being screwed to the ground by a corrupt pseudo state.

    ENOSIS, is to me anathema, just as the continued Turkish occupation. My loyalties are with Cyprus, Britain and the Western world in general. I have no problem as stated many times with my T/C compatriots, they themselves victims of extremists.

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Jerry,

    Apart from your sweeping, generalised opinions that “the majority were pro Makarios and no longer in favour of enosis”, and “Turkey cared little for the Turkish Cypriots”, clearly in the early stages almost 100% of GCs were in favour, fervently, of ENOSIS.

    And if, as you also claim, Turkey had a “long-standing plan of reclaiming the island”, why didn’t they?

    Why did they stop at Nicosia, and not run every GC right off the island, as quite clearly they could have done?

  • Miltiades

    What an Aussie CLOWN !

  • Jerry

    Well Ian it’s a fact that the majority were pro Makarios in 1974 not a sweeping generalisation. If you were really bothered about what happened to the Cypriots then you could have researched it yourself, Google is a very useful research tool you know.

    I have given links here before about Turkey’s long standing ambition to retake the island, unless you are scared of the truth may I suggest you read Zorlu’s speech in 1955. .
    Once you have digested the contents of the link perhaps you would be kind enough to drop the inverted commas in your response. As for why Turkey didn’t take the whole island, it tried the “legal” way in the 1950s and failed. It knew that the pretext of “saving the Turkish Cypriots” wouldn’t wash if it conquered the whole island, besides I doubt it would have got away with it, they knew how far they could go before the US stopped them for fear of a war between the NATO allies Greece and Turkey.

    You people are so blinkered, you will stoop to any lengths to justify what Turkey did to the Greek Cypriots to justify your stolen property. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – the same crafty buggers that stitched up Polly/Pauline are the same people that the Greek Cypriots have been negotiating with since the 1950s and Rauf Denktash was a prime example of the type.

  • Miltiades

    These low down cheapskates knew SFA about Cyprus, they still do not, prior to searching elsewhere for an affortable retirement home, then Bingo, THE OCCUPIED PARTS OF CYPRUS offered cheap affordable villas so they rushed to buy these stolen properties, in the meantime these peasants rewrote the history of Cyprus.

    Back where they came from they had bugger all, just a big mouth which the now use so frequently.

    Your time in Cyprus is limited !!!

  • AM

    Jerry I have to correct you, I have said many times before stop tarring everyone with the same brush I will state again I DO NOT OWN OR EVER HAVE OWNED PROPERTY IN CYPRUS NORTH or SOUTH.

    Milti you constantly state the the TC,s are your compatriots and are victims but if you check what has happened you will find that there are a lot more TC,s who have bought property in the North that used to belong to GC,s than the Brit numbers ?
    Surley in your eyes ANYONE who has bought disputed property is a carpetbagger.
    As per usual you are very choosy who you slag off which is very confusing.

    The analysis of why Turkey did what it did in my opinion is flawed,.. I may have agreed if any other country had done what Turkey did however when another guarantor of the Island does what it did then its a completey different matter.

  • Ian Edwards

    Jerry, as usual you are a real spinner, but the end of your third paragraph is a case in point as to how you can become so muddled that you shoot yourself in the foot.

    Turkey stopped at Nicosia “before the US stopped them”??!! Just how would you envision that could have happened? The US declaring war on Turkey, perhaps? How else? That would have then been two NATO allies at war too. What nonsense, Jerry.

    They stopped because they didn’t want or need to take over the whole island, and just conceivably, didn’t want to kick the GCs off their homeland, unlike the GC’s declared intent to kick all TCs off theirs. How many times have we seen and heard, even today, that “Cyprus is Greek!”?

  • Ian Edwards

    Incidentally, Jerry, the whole of that speech is a Turkish justification for turkey’s right to have an interest in Cyprus. Nowhere does Zorlu state that Turkey has a “longstanding ambition to re-take the island”. That is simply more Jerry-spin.

    This is a part of the speech that I found quite incisive…”There are at present two principal groups living together in Cyprus, one of which, namely the Turkish community, has for years been subjected to violence and intimidation incited by the Church of Cyprus which, by the way, is exerting all manner of pressure, including excommunication, over the Orthodox population of the Island in order to drag them to political activities and to bring about “Enosis.” As a result of this an atmosphere of antagonism and hostility has been instilled between the two communities.”

    Don’t you think, Jerry?

  • Jerry

    Ian you have not got a clue about the history of Cyprus. After Turkey invaded in 1974 Greece said it was going to send fighter aircraft from Crete to engage the Turks, the US Six Fleet threatened to shoot them down so the Greeks backed down. THAT is exactly what would have happened had the Turks tried to take the whole island AND as you say they did not need the whole island. Is it beyond your powers of comprehension to see that there may have been more than one reason for the Turks to stop where they did. America actually stopped all arms shipments to Turkey for a number of years following the invasion.

    You obviously missed this quote from Zorlu “Turkey believes that the status quo should be maintained in Cyprus. If this is to be upset then the Island should revert to Turkey”. If you can’t figure it out the status quo meant Cyprus should remain a colony. In 1955 he thought he could get the island back by negotiating with Britain, they failed but bided their time until 1974. It’s quite clear from the text that Turkey’s concern was fear of encirclement by Greece.(now bankrupt and impotent) In 1955 when the speech was made their was very little inter-communal trouble, I challenge you to provide links to show that there was. Zorlu and Menderes instigated the Istanbul Pogrom (Google it) a few days after that speech in order to prove their point that Greeks and Turks could not live together. You will also note that Zorlu dismisses the UN principles of self determination as not applying to Cyprus.

    Incidentally Cyprus has never been part of Anatolia, I am told that in terms of geology it is completely different from the mainland.

  • Miltiades

    Aussie CLOWN, 80% of the Cypriot people have considered themselves as Greek Cypriots for more than 3500 years, who the hell are you an Aussie peasant to dispute the fact that the 80% are or were wrong. My tolerance of damn right stupidity is extremely low so I say to you Naff off you ignorant Aussie peasant.

  • AM

    Trust old milti to bring the conversation down to his level 🙂

    So then how many of the 80% you mention fly the Greek flag ?… not exactly but a good guesstimate will do.

  • Miltiades

    I for one do not fly the Greek flag, my flag is the Cyprus one.

    In a democracy one must respect the wishes of the majority and if the majority, wrong in my opinion, feel Greek rather than Cypriot then thhat becomes their prerogative.

  • Ian Edwards

    Jerry, you continually demonstrate, with your condescension, arrogance and spin, and in particular your 40 year-long denial of any kind of wrongdoing, why it is that GCs are no longer receiving the world’s sympathy.

    History, Jerry, is simply facts that occurred. Why they occurred and what they meant is only opinion, and you claiming to know what Turkey intended or was afraid of does not constitute historical fact. “THAT is exactly what would have happened” does not constitute historical fact. Turkey would probably have argued that they didn’t need the US 6th fleet to shoot down Greek fighters, as they were quite capable of doing so themselves.

    You seem to believe that the US would have opened fire on Turkey had they gone past Nicosia, which would have meant two NATO allies at war with each other. Yet in a previous post you claimed that the US would not have allowed the NATO allies Greece and Turkey to go to war.

    Not really credible, Jerry…you can’t have it both ways.

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, I really can’t be bothered with you. Every word you write simply confirms your title of Chief Clown.

  • Miltiades

    Care to give an example Aussie Clown ?

  • AM

    So Milti are you saying the majority do fly the Greek flag ? If so then what you and Jerry have been banging on about is a load of bull.

    With the lack of honest straight answers from yourself I have to only conclude that the majority of GC,s still anchor for some sort of union with Greece.

  • Cyprus Sue

    “In a democracy one must respect the wishes of the majority and if the majority, wrong in my opinion, feel Greek rather than Cypriot then that becomes their prerogative”

    Just how far do we follow this way of thinking though?

    Before this goes off line it’s worth looking at:

    Amazingly there is a plaque above the entrance to Auschwitz that reads, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.
    Sad to see the Jews displaying the same ideology they themselves witnessed.

  • Miltiades

    I have told you a myriad time, AM, you are far too stupid to debate anything, so just take your computer back where you bought it from and demand a full refund on the grounds that you are too thick to use it.

    CS, Im sure that you agree that the fundamental principle of Democracy is majority rule, it applies to all civilized countries from the UK to the USA and every other democratic nation. Democratic principles can not only apply to those nations that the Brits or anyone else decides, its a universal doctrine that democracy is majority rule, first past the post, you can not move the goal posts to suit the interests of others.

    The G/Cs have been on the island for thousands of years, the T/Cs arrived a few hundred years ago, YES they have the same rights that I have to call Cyprus my home land, they have no right to declare a part of Cyprus as Turkish and demand my passport in order for m to visit my ancestral lands.

    The cheapskates however have no rights what so ever in the occupied parts of Cyprus, they should clear off before its too late.

  • AM

    Again with the lack of credible answers or debate I think the computer police will be visiting you very soon to remove your computer and donate it to charity.

    Thank you and goodnight 🙂

  • Cyprus Sue

    I do agree with your interpretation of what constitutes democracy but the point I am trying to make is that sometimes so called democracy does not necessarily meet the needs of those voting for this principle. At the end of the day its how those in power choose to represent us, the propaganda we are bombarded with and our own interpretation/brainwashing of history. Personally I think the TC and GC have been badly let down by external and internal interests. Sometimes we have to look at who exactley benefits from the situation to arive at conclusions. I doubt the “everday” GC ot TC are beneficaries of the current system but wow look at how the politicians of the divided island have benefitted especially financially. Ever thought that we all pawns in this democratic system?

  • Cyprus Sue

    Sorry for spellings……………..a little too monkey shoulder whiskey left over from xmas!!

  • Jerry

    Specifically Ian, where have I denied any kind of wrong doing? Don’t expect me to argue your “case” for you. You can’t accept the facts in the links I provided so you lash out with accusations of arrogance and spin.

    I’m done with you.

  • Miltiades

    ” I do agree with your interpretation of what constitutes democracy ”
    CS, as an intelligent individual I would have thought that the above comment you made is inappropriate. Majority rule is NOT MY INTERPRETATION !

    It is the fundamental core of a democratic system. Political parties are elected based on the majority of voters wishes, there are no individual interpretations any more that there are interpretations of what constitutes contempt of court or other such legal entities.

    The ” trnc” is Not recognized internationally by any nation, not my interpretation but a factual reality.

    The West has fought many battles citing democracy as its driving force. Its not the perfect system but the alternative rather unattractive.

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, I agree that democracy is preferable to other forms of government…I currently live under a royal reign…and in countries where there are two opposing parties of nearly equal population, it’s the best system (IMO). If the Liberals keep buggarising around in Australia, they will be ousted by Labor in the next election. As should always be the case.

    But where you have one party comprising more than 80% of the population, and the other less than 20%, the majority party can’t ever be voted out. It then becomes incumbent on that party to govern in a just manner for 100% of the people.

    And the key word there, Yiannis, is “just”.

    Where the two opposing parties are completely different in language, religion and culture, then the minority party needs to be supported and provided for, not attacked and driven away from their homes.

    A democracy where the ruling party behaves like that is clearly a bad government, and must accept the blame for whatever transpires.

  • Miltiades

    In the UK we have a large percentage of Muslims but a minority nevertheless.
    Should we ban our bacon, should we enforce Sharia law, should we cover our women from head to toe to appease this minority.
    Now you tell me mate.

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, once again, for the umpteenth time, you demonstrate a total lack of ability to debate with any semblance of intelligence……

  • Miltiades

    Ian, care to give an example ?
    Only this time cut the crap out, solid examples if you can, Clown !

  • fluter

    And that, Agamemnon, is a prime example of what Ian is talking about.

    At least Jerry tries to provide reasoned argument, but you are simply a foul-mouthed fool!

  • Miltiades

    Jerry has a much higher tolerance level towards ignorant peasants such as you. I do not. Nil tolerance towards cheapskates much more towards fools living in a fools paradise.
    Get it ?

  • fluter

    I understand what you say, but you are still far more ignorant than any other member of NCFP.

    You do yourself no favours.

    I read your drivel above, but normally ignore your posts, as I suspect do many others.

    Oh, and I do not live in Cyprus, so the only ignorant peasant as far as I am concerned is you.

    Oh, and where does your assertation that TC and GC lived in blissful harmony come from? Were you there pre-1960?

    I was! And I well recall how things really were at those times, so you don’t me fool buddy.

  • AM

    It really does make you wonder why someone with zero tolerance to this forum actually comes on this forum?

  • Miltiades

    I shall ignore your first few paragraphs.

    The G/Cs and T/Cs lived side by side in peace and harmony for hundreds of years, interacted cordially, worked together, that is until the ugly head of devide and rule was put into place by the imperialists by reacting against the wishes of the 80% majority and introducing the T/C element for the first time by having T/Cs enlist in the auxiliary force set up to fight the movement alongside British soldiers.

    The British government of the time had decided conclusively that the Cypriot people did not deserve independence but like it or not they should remain ruled by the mighty British.

    Contrary to the fact that 30,000 Cypriots enlisted in the British army, my late father amongst them, during WW2. The thanks we received was deprivation of our own right to chart our own destiny. A right that apparently the Falkland people have but of course not the Cypriots.

    Mate, I dont care much for opinions emanating by your sort, I deplore and detest all those that have sided with the occupier of a part of my homeland.
    The common so called ex pats living in the occupied are a bunch of degenates and thouroughly deserve nmy utter contempt.

  • fluter

    “The common so called ex pats living in the occupied are a bunch of degenates and thouroughly deserve nmy utter contempt.”

    Well, let me assure you that you certainly have ours!

  • Miltiades

    Thanks, I appreciate your ..generosity !!
    Can I just ask one question if you dont mind?

    The Nazis occupied France during WW2 as well as other European nations. How would, lets say a Frenchman, react if expelled from his ancestral lands and some scum from Europe rushed in to purchase.

  • AM

    Completely different argument you cretin.

    The Nazi are German and the French are well…French so yes your fictitious argument may stand if it happened however the two sides in Cyprus are well ……Cypriots.


  • fluter

    Hippocrates, maybe you did not realise that many people from the occupied countries WERE exiled.

    They were used as slave labour, and many did not get the chance to go home.

    You are so bigoted and incapable of intelligent debate that all of your comments are a waste of time.

  • Miltiades

    You are both far too stupid to deserve sensible debate, so I come down to your misearable levels to appease your little minds !!
    Run along now, its Saturday, your weekly bath is getting cold !!

  • AM

    So every forum you go on or have been a member of you have a problem with the other members,…. bit of a common theme developing don’t you think.

    You even argue and fall out with people of your own persuasion on CF…. you obviously suffer from quarrelsomeitis 🙂

  • Miltiades

    I have been on two Forums, on the Cyprus forum since April 2006, my very first. The only adversaries that I have made are a couple of idiots who support Al Qaeda, ISIS, and all other savages across the world. I SUPPORT ISRAELS RIGHT TO EXIST, I SUPPORT THE WEST AND OUR CULTURE.
    There is one individual whom I consider as a Psychopath who supports the recent Paris murders.

    My posts on CTF are well read and received by the vast majority.

    Now Stupid, go and have your weekly bath.