Cyprus News | The South to Set Up New ‘Cyprus Airways’

Cyprus News - The South to Set Up New Cyprus AirwaysThe south’s government today agreed that the finance ministry should finance advisors as to how to set up a new airline, that will use the logo and name of Cyprus Airways. These advisors are expected to set up an action plan for establishing a new airline.

According to Papadopoulos,

“following the closure of Cyprus Airways, the cabinet deemed the setting up of a new company as urgent, in order to ensure that Cyprus maintains its accessibility to other countries.”

This is despite the communications Minister suggesting that connectivity to the rest of the world had been ensured via the stepping in of other airlines like Romania-based low cost airline Blue Air and Aegean Airlines announcing it would expand its operations significantly, aiming at tripling its market share in Cyprus.

Yet the deputy government spokesman pointed out that actions to utilise the Cyprus Airways brand name and logo – which the state bought for €1.2 million last month – must be used immediate. “The logo’s worth would decrease as time goes by,” he explained.

Due to this pressure of time, the cabinet approved a €134,000 fee for each advisor. No mention of how many advisors they needed!!!

Unbelievable! Food banks, high unemployment, uncertainty about the next bailout money due to the stance surrounding non-performing loans and it is deemed necessary to invest in a National airline and throw loads of money at advisors? I could give them advice for just a few quid – don’t do it, invest in your people (give jobs to your youth so that your talent remains on the island) don’t throw money at a “status symbol”. To have paid millions for a logo when your people need basic essentials shows a total lack of reality and emphasises just whose needs are truly being met and it isn’t the everyday Cypriot.

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