Cyprus News | Government’s Cyprus Airway Planes Hidden

cyprus news - cyprus airwaysAmazingly, Cyprus Airways, owned by the south’s government, has tried unsuccessfully to hide the two planes it owns. According to the Daily Mail:

‘Cyprus Airways has reportedly flown its fleet of planes to a remote Welsh airfield in a bid to prevent them being seized over a row about paying back 65 million euros (£51million) in illegal state funding.

The struggling airline flew its Airbus A320s to a ‘secret storage location’ in the UK after completing its last flights on Friday.

But an online tracking website has shown the planes are at St Athan airfield on the outskirts of Cardiff.’

In my opinion, this shows a lot about the way that the south’s government deals with the EU. They show one face when they want money but when they have to pay anything back they show the other face. Nothing has changed since 1960 when they did the same when they negotiated independence. They arranged to work with Turkish Cypriots until it suited them to dump them from government in 1963. The same in 1974 when they then wanted enosis with Greece and then complained when Turkey intervened. Then in 2004 when they wanted EU membership only to vote against the Annan Plan which would have solved the Cyprus problem and sent Turkish troops home.

No wonder Turkish Cypriots want nothing to do with a Cyprus controlled by Greek Cypriots.

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15 comments to Cyprus News | Government’s Cyprus Airway Planes Hidden

  • Miltiades

    “Nothing has changed since 1960 when they did the same when they negotiated independence.”
    You mean when Britain along with Turkey gave Cyprus an unworkable constitution.

    ” The same in 1974 when they then wanted enosis with Greece and then complained when Turkey intervened. ”
    You obviously mean when Turkey INVADED , killing more than 5000 and displacing more than 160 thousand. How dare they compalain !

  • Polly Marples

    Or they sign up to the bail out loan conditions, then decide…oh no we do not like that, no foreclosures thank you very much, we want to renegotiate.

    Could not lie straight in bed.

  • Polly Marples

    Seems it may not be true

  • Cyprus Sue

    I believe they are being repainted. The sad thing is that the way Cyprus Airways has been managed is typical of the islands governance. Don’t take control, throw tax payers money at it even though year after year the losses continue, don’t introduce any business plans in an attempt to put the airline into profit, don’t reduce the staff (compare this airline with staff numbers of other airlines to see just how overstaffed it was) or make it competitive and don’t stop the freebies for family and friends.

    Then even when it is no longer viable, the unions, who have contributed to its downfall and the pilots with their recent court case over reduced wages (bearing in mind they were the highest paid pilots in the world) cry out as to the unfairness of the situation. They are so not in the real world they actually expect the tax payer to maintain the airline or some other airline to employ staff on the same employment conditions.

    What with the Non-performing loans and all the excuses for corruption isn’t it time this mentality and mind set was tackled?

  • Polly Marples

    What is really bad and indeed sad is that because of their past actions, we were all only too ready to believe they would be capable of trying to hide assets of CY from the EU. We have already seen how dishonourable they have been over the bail out loan agreement they signed and so many more such acts of bad faith.

  • Miltiades

    Anothet blunder by Dom, the pretend …journalist!! Stick to reading your daily Sun mate !!

  • Polly Marples

    No Mutley, not just Dom, it seems because of its corrupt image even the Daily Mail thought they were up to no good.

  • Polly Marples


    and others too.

  • Miltiades

    Cyprus Airways has been a badly run airline, stupidity of management, greed and mismanagement has caused the demise of a national carried that has been operational for 69 years, a very safe airline with an unblemished record.Nepotism amounting to damn right corruption have been the main factors.
    CA could have had the entire UK Cypriot community amounting to 300,000 using the airline. Their prices were sky high and the presentation of prices on their web page misleading and infuriating, advertising one price only to see it almost double on clicking on to final price with taxes etc added on. Persoanly I gave up using CA years ago and highlighted my reasons on Cyprus-forum many years ago.At one stage I tried to book by phone only to be told that they do not accept Debit cards !!! How strange is this, nobody from their Nicosia office was able to give me a valid reason as to why only credit cards were accepted and since I do not have credit cards was unable to book.

    I have been told also that the airline was used by government officials and their families as a private …airline !!

  • AM

    Are Cypriots capable of running anything other than a tap ?

  • Polly Marples

    Or running a scam.

  • Cyprus Sue

    I totally agree but even more shocking is that the Government today agreed that the finance ministry should finance advisors as to how to set up a new airline, that will use the logo and name of Cyprus Airways!!!!
    These advisors are expected to set up an action plan for establishing a new airline.

    According to Papadopoulos, “following the closure of Cyprus Airways, the cabinet deemed the setting up of a new company as urgent, in order to ensure that Cyprus maintains its accessibility to other countries.”

    This is despite the communications Minister suggesting that connectivity to the rest of the world had been ensured via the stepping in of other airlines like Romania-based low cost airline Blue Air and Aegean Airlines announcing it would expand its operations significantly, aiming at tripling its market share in Cyprus.

    Yet the deputy government spokesman pointed out that actions to utilise the Cyprus Airways brand name and logo – which the state bought for €1.2 million last month – must be used immediate. “The logo’s worth would decrease as time goes by,” he explained.

    Due to this pressure of time, the cabinet approved a €134,000 fee for each advisor. No mention of how many advisors they needed!!!

    Unbelievable! Food banks, high unemployment, uncertainty about the next bailout money due to the stance surrouning non-performing loans and it is deemed necessary to invest in a National airline and throw loads of money at advisors?? I could give them advice for just a few quid……………don’t do it, invest in your people (give jobs to your youth so that your talent remains on the island) don’t throw money at a “status symbol”. To have paid millions for a logo when your people need basic essentials shows a total lack of reality and emphasises just whose needs are truly being met and it isn’t the everyday Cypriot.

  • Miltiades

    I believe that in the not too distant future a new Cyprus Airways would be formed.

    The unions have learned a bitter lesson following the collapse of the airline, the government too. The airline must be operated efficiently and just like any other business enterprise it must run profitably. Dated practices such as preferential employment, at lucrative salaries, fringe benefits such as free travel for family and friends, uncompetitive flight prices all must come to an end.

    CYA had one of the safest flight records in the world. Not a single blemish on its long history of flying.

    My own predition is that by the summer time a new airline could be up and running. Cyprus recovered from the catstrophic Turkish invasion of 1974 in an exemplary fashion, its economy will again recover.

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, are you having trouble understanding what you read?

    It’s your particular brand of “pie-in-the-sky” thinking that gets you lot into trouble in the first place. As CS has pointed out, why would a sane and rational government want to spend millions on setting up another airline when other currently-operating airlines can cover the travel routes?

    The answer lies in the endemic attitudes of all those in power in the south. How many of those highly-paid advisors do you reckon have familial ties to the power brokers? Or are some of their mates?

    And do you honestly think all those perks you mention will miraculously disappear overnight, if another CYA gets up?

    Your last sentence is as unrealistic as ever.

  • fluter


    “British Airways will almost double its London Heathrow to Larnaca operation this summer.

    From March 29, the national airline will increase the number of flights on the route from seven to 13 weekly”.

    “The increase means BA will fill the gap left by the demise of Cyprus Airways”.