Cyprus Problem | UN Threaten to End Turkish Cypriot Isolation

Cyprus Problem - UN Threaten to End Turkish Cypriot IsolationNow, I’m not sure if I agree with this quote from the Cyprus Mail [18/1/15] but should it be true then the south’s President Anastasiades has painted himself into a corner:

‘The objective of Ban Ki-moon and Espen Barth Eide is quite clearly the resumption and, ultimately, the successful conclusion of the talks. They therefore avoided condemning Turkey’s actions to keep it on side and included a veiled threat to the Greek Cypriots about ending the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots in order to pressure Anastasiades to abandon his conditions and return to the talks’ ¹

By refusing to return to the table and negotiate a settlement to the Cyprus problem Anastasiades has forced the United Nations team to conclude that these negotiations have not just stalled, they have ended. They are no more, they have ceased to be, expired and gone! Once the UN realises this they have little left they can do except accept that in 2004 the Turkish Cypriots were betrayed after they voted yes for a solution only to discover they had instead voted yes for the south to enter the EU. That betrayal has met with little practical response from the UN and the Turkish Cypriots could be excused from now taking more radical action to break away from the south. If the UN does not preempt such an action then they are in danger of losing the plot. At the moment, with the Middle East in turmoil, if the UN does not show leadership in the area then the players will look elsewhere for leadership, in my opinion .


¹ Cyprus Mail

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1 comment to Cyprus Problem | UN Threaten to End Turkish Cypriot Isolation

  • Cyprus Sue

    How dare they! Another “foreign plot” againsy Cyprus. Yet I am not surprised at the Presidents response to Ban Ki-Moon and Espeth Beths stance. It seems to be a Cypriot tradition to attack outsiders for eveything that goes wrong in Cyprus, even when it’s blatently obvious to everyone else that it is self-inflicted. I laughed last week when I read a comment by a GC that tax evasion in Greece was a result of foreigners not declaring they had a swimming pool and therefore not paying their taxes. If only!!!

    Of course the approach by the UN is the right one because it is now evident to all that they are simply wasting time and resources with 2 parties that have not got the will or desire for a settlement. This is the last time for a negotiated settlement, now we disengage from the island, appears to be the message delivered.

    For far too long the GC have deluded themselves that they are punishing Turkey and the TRNC. In truth they have been outwitted by the stance of Turkey and the TRNC.As time goes by people no longer see Cyprus as a war torn zone and the international community no longer see see Cypriots as refugees. What they observe is a financially bankrupted island mainly due to self-serving, corrupt politicians and poor governance. At the same time Cyprus is also being judjed on it’s own property scandels and inability to prevent or address these ongoing issues. You can’t complain about your own rights if you are blatently ignoring those on your own doorstep. Hypocrisy and whilst I am in total disagreement with the selling and redistribution of GC property by the TRNC my sympathy is weakened by this behaviour.

    Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for the GC and they will have enough sense to consider how the world currently views them and what the implications of this UN stance could be. I won’t hold my breath though as playing the victim card is the outcome most likely to be witnessed.