Cyprus News | Rain at Last?

Cyprus News – Rain at Last?

After all this sunny and dry weather, and warnings of an impending drought, it is almost a surprise to learn that wet and cold weather is coming.

I’ve lit a fire at night over the last few days but it hardly seemed worth it. I’ve also got used to leaving things out, including washing overnight, expecting them to stay dry. Well, that unseasonable weather is about to change, according to the UK Meteorological Office.

Thursday – dry and warm, 20°C

Friday – it will be dry and warm during the day, 20°C, but a little cooler overnight

Saturday – it will rain and feel a lot cooler during the day, 15°C.

Sunday – dry but a little cooler, 17°C

Monday – dry and starting to get warmer again, 19°C

Tuesday and the rest of the week – dry and mostly warm, 20°C and higher

Well, OK, with all that terrible weather in the UK I thought I’d try to stop people there feeling jealous about the good weather we’ve been having. It didn’t work did it.

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