Cyprus Problem | Surprising Preparations In the Background

Cyprus Problem – Surprising Preparations In the Background

Apparently, there has been a lot going on in the background concerning the Cyprus Talks, which have only just come to light, according to the Realist newspaper, not the least that the north’s negotiator, Osman Ertug, had submitted his resignation two months ago. The reason being his disapproval of the single sovereignty demanded by the south. There is also a rumour that TRNC President Eroglu is now taking a back seat and Ahmet Davutoglu, TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Kudret Ozersay are running the show.

Add to this the fact that for the first time the US Ambassador to Lefkosa, John M Koeing, has officially visited TRNC parliament, to visit TRNC Parliament Speaker, Sibel Siber. However, no announcements have been made concerning the content of their discussions. Also, TRNC Foreign Minister, Ozdil Nami, met with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, to talk about the north’s harmonisation in preparation for entering the EU. He said

“As the process to reach a settlement moves forward, we shall need to speed up the Turkish side’s harmonization process with the EU acquis communitaire. There is already some work being carried out but we will need to intensify these efforts.”

Wow, it’s as if people believed the referendum was going to result in a solution!

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