NCFP Book Review | The Room Of Concentric Circles | A H Feral

NCFP Book Review | The Room Of Concentric Circles | A H FeralNCFP Book Review – The Room Of Concentric Circles by A H Feral

North Cyprus has produced many talented people.  Today I want to tell you about author A.H. Feral. His book “The Room Of Concentric Circles (The Dylan Beaumaris Series) is now on available on Amazon.

His sister Kezi brought this to my attention and I really pleased she did as north Cyprus is producing so much talent and those who live or have lived there are more than interested to promote this as a positive for the island. Here is some information about Hassan in his own words:

“Hi. I’m A.H. Feral and in 1960 I was born to Turkish-Cypriot parents in Hackney, London. Born with a hereditary blood-disorder, my life has been spent in and out of hospitals, but on the plus side this has helped me breed a certain philosophy which manifests itself in my writing.

I endured a pretty standard primary/comprehensive/college education before moving on to a working life spent in the offices of companies whose primary objectives it was to move cargo from A to B. I have enjoyed travelling when the opportunity presented itself and in both my work and my travels I have met many people who have influenced and enhanced my life by just being there.

Having had the ambition to write for many years, it is only very recently that I embarked upon my literary journey – my motivation kick-started by the completion of a Creative Writing course with the Open University.

I have won neither the Booker Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, nor the Nobel Prize in Literature. In fact my shelves are bereft of any prize at all, mainly due to the fact that I have only just completed my first novel.

My main inspiration to write came from reading the works of Thomas Wolfe, Jack Kerouac and Dylan Thomas, when I was growing up, and also from the row of Penguin classics which adorn my bookshelf. However, latterly my reading time has been taken up by the detective genre writing of those such as Alexander McCall Smith, Andrea Camilleri and HRF Keating.

It is this second group of writers who have inspired me in the writing of my debut novel The Room Of Concentric Circles, the first of a series which follows the exploits of the private investigator Dylan Beaumaris Morgan.

These are just some of the comments made in the press about my debut novel:

“Room full of what?” – The Guardian

“Who?” – The Telegraph

“Is he the strange looking bloke who’s been hanging around outside the building hassling the women?” – The Daily Mail

“(Beep) I’m not at my desk at the moment, but if it’s really urgent and can’t wait you can reach me at the Lamb and Flag” – The Times

“Well, I have to say that I found it very absorbing… sorry, absorbent. Phew! I’d leave it half hour if I was you.” – The Independent

“Look, I haven’t got time for all this. I’ve got to go and help lift some of my livestock. A few of the lads in the village got drunk again last night and were out cow tipping.” – The Farmers Weekly

“Merde! Qu’est-ce que vous parlez, vous l’homme stupide?” – Le Monde

Although most of the books I read nowadays are on an e-reader, I concede that, were I ever to be stranded on a desert island (not likely I grant you, but I do have ambitions for a world cruise one day, so you never know) traditional paper books would be more appropriate, and the three I would take would be Wolfe’s Look Homeward Angel, Kerouac’s On The Road, and Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings.

I live in Norfolk with my wife, Andrea, our two foster sons, Aaron & Leon, and our two gorgeous doggies, Milly and Sadie.”

Well Hassan, here is a comment from North Cyprus Free Press’s Pauline Read

” I have never had the pleasure of meeting A. H. Feral but I have met his sister Kezi and since they share the same genes, I am sure we have a best selling author here about to make the big time”. Biased…who me?

Judge for yourself, here is a teaser:-

“Female escort, Lola wakes one morning to find herself handcuffed to the bed and the body of her client lying dead next to her. She manages to escape and notifies her friend and colleague, Victoria. Shortly afterwards Victoria is notified that Lola herself is dead – her body found on a beach. Not believing her friend is really dead, Victoria hires Dylan Beaumaris Morgan, a lovable thirty-something, beer-swilling, jazz-loving, hookah smoking, rookie private investigator to find Lola.”

The Room Of Concentric Circles follows Dylan as he stumbles along, uncoordinated, from one situation to the next – invariably via a pub – letting his heart rule his head and blinded to the realities of life by an inherited wealth. Along the way he is abducted and framed for two murders, is chased through centuries old tunnels, and encounters that mythical moment during which his life flashes before him. In his quest for the truth, Dylan uncovers a secret which has lain dormant for seven hundred years.

Dylan’s path during his search for the elusive Lola twists and turns, but his endearing character always ensures there are enough people around to help him. Amongst others, his trusty Italian assistant, Tony, and a wise old Indian guru that Dylan sees in visions, help guide him as he unsteadily negotiates many intricate situations – sometimes perilous and often humorous.

Pauline Read

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