Cyprus Law – Not Doing Unto Others


Cyprus Law – Not Doing Unto Others

I suppose it had to come. I am really pleased that Mr. Van-Win, with a hyphen, has written this. If nothing else it gives any intelligent person reading it a measure of the level of his intellect and breeding.

As you can see it is a rational, well thought out account of his version of what happened and had he stuck to facts and not interspersed it with insults and innuendos, it might have been half believed. Do I believe we actually wrote it? Judge for yourselves.

Spencer Van-Win Responds

Firstly I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Pembe at CAC for all her effort, help and assistance that culminated in me receiving my title deeds.

Secondly I DO NOT appreciate Polly Marples or Wally Marbles or whatever it’s calling itself today splashing my name which, incidentally, is spelt with a hyphen Wally, all over its website in an effort to portray itself as some sort of intervening saint in my title deed nightmare. I conduct my business in private, and if I or my name has appeared in any form of media in relation to my title deed dealings it’s because I have been personally responsible for it or it has been done with my consent.

I certainly don’t conduct press conferences either unlike Wally, I appreciate it considers itself some kind of minor Z list celebrity out here, but using my situation as an excuse to expose the general public to its hideous distorted face and grating voice is not on either. I have only ever spoken to Wally Marbles once in my life. It was outside the courts in Lefkoşa after it emerged from the courtroom and approached myself, my friend and Pembe and accused myself and my friend of being Pembe’s ‘Henchmen’, hysterical. When I informed it I was in fact one of the people whose homes it was trying to auction the look on its wizened old face, as its gutless red faced walking microbrewery of a husband stood by silently, was priceless. I have never, as stated by Wally, confided in it about anything. It also should be mentioned that also present at court that day was one of the two elderly widows that owned one of the two other properties Wally was trying to have auctioned. Wally Marbles solicitor Mr Mehmet Bensen also know in Wally’s terms as ‘Hak Hukuk’ was also present at the court that day and approached the Judges first to withdraw his services from the case, ‘Sacking Wally Marples’ which left it unrepresented.

Wally Marbles behaviour prior to entering the courtroom as we all stood outside was extremely smug and antagonistic, to the extent that at one point it actually turned to me and gave me an overstated Anne Robinson style wink and appeared to be extremely pleased with itself that she had incensed and wound me up.

I purchased my house in 2003 and paid in full. Approximately three years later I received an email from my solicitor telling me I should come over to proceed with obtaining my deeds. I flew over, went to see my solicitor only to be told the builder isn’t ready yet, I asked when he would be ready and was told in a months time. Whilst still here I booked another flight for a months time then returned to England a few days later. I returned to Cyprus a month later and amazingly enough was told yet again the builder isn’t ready yet. At this point flying two thousand miles, and spending a fair amount of money to do so, twice in the space of four weeks to get absolutely nowhere with securing my title deeds had given me the right hump. So I told my chocolate teapot of a solicitor to contact me when the builder was actually genuinely ready and I would come back. Oddly enough I heard nothing for the next two or three years.

In 2009 I was over for a few weeks and went to see my solicitor with a friend of mine to find out exactly what the situation was regarding the builder and my deeds. I was met with the same vague response I’d had a few years earlier so it was left like that, me disillusioned and confused, it was only later on I found out the reason I could not transfer my deeds was because Wally Marples had a memorandum on my property since 2009. Fast forward to last summer my neighbour went out on a Monday morning to get her hair cut took a wrong turn and by chance passed the office of CAC. She went in to enquire about something got talking to Pembe and it came to light that Pembe was trying to find me and obviously my neighbour could put her in touch. My neighbour then rang her husband to tell him to go round to my house urgently. I had stayed out the Sunday night and had returned home later than I should have Monday morning. Which was just as well otherwise I wouldn’t have been at home to receive the delightful news, via my neighbour walking up my drive and announcing, that Wally Marbles was about to auction my house off that coming Friday and that I really needed to get myself to citizens advice. At that point I felt physically sick and to say my world imploded is an understatement.

I rushed down to see my friend at his bar as I didn’t know what to do. It was him NOT Mary that first took me to see Pembe. Wally Marbles stated in one of its inane postings that ‘we all know Mary Day took him to CAC’ really? I didn’t see you there, Wally you know nothing. Once I’d met Pembe she assured me she would do anything she could to help me fight Wally Marbles attempt to auction off my home. She introduced me to a decent lawyer, she took me to the land registry, she drove me backward and forward to Lefkoşa she did everything she could. Now apparently Wally Marbles has deluded itself into believing that the only reason I got my deeds is because she withdrew its memorandum. That’s strange I thought I got them because once it’d withdrawn its despicable action I paid my taxes, other taxes, transfer fees and everything else you need to do to get your deeds. Silly me I should’ve just turned up at the land registry and claimed my deeds. It actually believes and would have people believe that it helped me! That’s almost as funny as it’s dress sense and it’s stupid glasses. All it did was put an immoral and expensive obstacle in the way. It was stating that it wasn’t going after people’s homes but a piece of land, UTTER LIES, it walked up my neighbours drive roughly four years ago and asked to see her deeds and was told to go away.

Bizarrely enough you can see my house from my neighbours and go past mine to get to theirs if you take the second turning, coming from town, into Arapköy.

My house is not one of the unfinished derelict houses that proliferate North Cyprus, it was and is a finished house that clearly was being occupied on a semi if not regular basis. Wally Marbles knew damn well what it was doing it’s a liar. It also came up to my site with a certain person (you know who don’t you Wally) and pointed out all three houses that it had injunctions on. It’s now saying it did the decent thing by withdrawing its action which begs the question why it started it in the first place. If I’d not stayed out late and my neighbour hadn’t needed a haircut and momentarily lost her sense of direction, I’d have never found out about the auction and then arrived at the eleventh hour to fight it and Wally Marbles would’ve quite happily proceeded with the auction.

In fact it didn’t instantly withdraw its action once I was on the scene either as it’s trying to imply. Yes it withdrew its action on the 16th of July but I had been fighting it since May!

I opposed it and challenged it I believe on the Thursday after I first found out about it all and managed to put a temporary stop to the auction and it still continued and tried to have that overturned. Wally Marbles is a liar. It is a despicable excuse for a human being. By all accounts it has been calling me scum. Quite how, me fighting to keep MY house from being auctioned off and getting angry about it all, makes me scum is beyond me. Interesting choice of word as well seeing as it’s the term I used to describe Wally outside court. Well the upshot of it all is I have my deeds and in NO WAY did Wally help. If anyone out there fancies a bout of mental anguish, depression and an acute financial haemorrhage then seek out Wally because it’s absolutely top notch in helping out in that area. Wally Marbles signs off its boring posts with ‘never give in never give up’ which is ironic seeing that as regards to trying to auction my house it did indeed give in and give up. I won you lost Wally, and think it’s fantastic in fact I’ve got a huge grin spread right across my scummy face as I’m typing this. I have my house and you lost yours EXCELLENT!!! This summer as I sit on the balcony and watch my children play in the pool I’ll give you a thought and then promptly laugh my head off. For the rest of my life, if I’m ever faced with adversity or a problem of some sort or get upset about something I’ll stop and imagine the dawn of realization, that you tried to take my home and failed and you can’t ever return to this country and even if you could no one wants you here and you’re despised, spread across your stupid bespectacled walnut face and I’ll have a smile. It’ll then turn into a huge smile and then turn into a fully fledged belly laugh. I’m laughing at you now.


If anyone doubts or wants to contest anything I’ve written feel free to come and see me, I live in Arapköy second house on the left off of the second turning for Arapköy. There’s a bloody great wolf that goes by the name of Terry on a chain outside and if you make it past him I’ll be happy to set you straight on all of it, cheers. ” Source:

Out of interest, the widow referred to was polite and extremely well mannered and her friend who was there for her at the Supreme Court thanked me. Van-Win is deluded if he believes he could have obtained his deeds without my lifting the memorandum. That I could have tied it up for years is without question, I chose not to. My decision and mine alone.

Enjoy your villa Mr Van-Win.

Of course since then Mr Mehmet Kaptan Bensen aka Hak Hukuk on his fb page not only reneged on his Contract with me, he has also reneged on many, many other contracts and has allegedly disappeared with client files and money. May God protect us all from qualified and unqualified bad legal advisors.

Pauline Read

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