North Cyprus Property Victims | Biting the Helping Hand


North Cyprus Property Victims – Biting the Helping Hand

It is always a shock when someone you trusted and even defended at great personal cost turns against you. Understandable if they have a reason, unconscionable when they do not. Read this and get some measure of how betrayed I feel by someone I showed nothing but kindness.

“Geoff Day’s 50th TRNC court appearance – let the farce be with him!
Thursday, September 23, 2010 by Name & Address Supplied

Tools in the Box

Thanks to David for his very complete note taking in my absence, I did send a note to the Judge from my Mum, asking to be excused.

There was no mention of the six firebricks in David’s notes so I will have to assume that that the photo confirming that one does indeed need six firebricks in the construction of a barbecue met with the Judge’s approval.

The 50th hearing started just after 10.30 a.m. and finished at 01.00 p.m., the longest session to date. Considerable time was spent in discussion over the Customs documents, more attention given to what they didn’t show than what they did. Geoff, quite sensibly grouped all the small items, which you men so love in your toolbox, as ‘tools’ or similar. Big mistake, now Geoff should have counted every nail and every screw, perhaps even given them names such as Norman the nail or Cyril the screw and of course there is most heinous of tools, Malcolm the Mastic Gun – you might mock but many an errant fly has been sealed into a window frame using this dangerous tool. True to form, the Judge and the Prosecution decided they wanted the original Customs document from 5 years ago.

There was then a short adjournment during which there appeared to have been an agreement reached over yet another document. Afterwards there followed a protracted discussion over the plastic pool light covers (you remember I mentioned these as some of Geoff’s alleged booty – the ones the electricians normally throw away but on this occasion gave to Geoff – Geoff beware electricians bearing gifts!) Geoff brought his into the court as an example.

The Yapi market where Geoff bought much of his alleged booty, furnished the court with a statement confirming Geoff had indeed bought many items there, of course the Prosecution demanded it not be accepted as it was not a fatura, but on this occasion the Judge allowed it to be entered in evidence. There was much discussion over the ownership of the land on which Geoff and Mary’s home stands. The title deeds are still in the name of the vendor and therefore whose property the alleged stolen items were on. This gave the defence Advocate the opportunity to reintroduce the points of law she had previously attempted to use to have the case thrown out on in her deposition; the deposition the Judge had previously rejected. The points of law were now able to be brought out in open court, something that seemed to irritate the Judge which caused her to quickly move events along.

It was also revealed in open court that Ahmet Recaioglu, the Director of the Building Company, had a meeting with Geoff and Mary and in front of witnesses demanded they pay the £24,000 previously demanded, saying he would then drop all criminal charges, in other words, this case would ‘go away’. If any more proof were needed that this case is a crude case of blackmail, I cannot think what it could possibly be. I would have thought the police could bring charges against the builder of ‘demanding money with menace’ or extortion. Instead they allow this paragon of virtue to use them and the legal system as their own private bully boys; only in the TRNC.

Towards the end of the hearing Geoff was asked “did you steal any of the items as suggested?” In his reply Geoff pointed out the obvious, having spent so much money on this property why would he want to steal such trivial items, that this was his and Mary’s retirement home. Geoff then looked directly at the Judge and said “I did not.”

The next hearing is scheduled for Monday next, 27th September 2010, and we assume the usual start time of 10.30 a.m. It promises to be an especially interesting hearing as the introduction should take place of any witnesses in Geoff’s defence and then their cross examination.

Before I finish I must tell you a little of the history of Malcolm the Mastic gun. Malcolm is over 35 years old and in Mastic gun years this makes him something of a celebrity. Geoff would have been a very young DIY enthusiast when he first bought Malcolm. He obviously lavished care, love and attention on Malcolm for him to be around this long. It occurs to me that in Mastic gun circles, Malcolm is considered an antique – could this be the reason Ahmet Recaiglu is claiming ownership of Malcolm, is there some intrinsic value in Malcolm that none of us are aware of???

You Couldn’t Make It Up”

To this day, I do not know what I did to Mary to cause such a U turn, I guess I never will. However I have decided to forgive her and move on. However I will not get caught again.

Life goes on and so do I. Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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