Cyprus Law | FaceBook Persona ‘Hak’ Has ‘Passed Away’


Cyprus Law – FaceBook Persona ‘Hak’ Has ‘Passed Away’

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you of a report alleging the death of the former Legal Eagle ‘Hak Hukuk’. There is no way I can easily confirm whether the report on FaceBook is true, especially as the group it appears on is well known for spreading false information.

hak deathIt is odd that only the persona ‘Hak Hukuk’ is reported as deceased and not the real person using that persona. In fact, other persona thought to be used by him appear to be in deep mourning over his death. Indeed, so is ‘John Good’ who we all know does not exist either. So many false i.d.’s mourning the passing of one of their number is so….now what is the word I am looking for… goes beyond weird?

If I were a cynical person I might even think this untimely demise is to avoid the ‘fall out’ from all those who gave him their money for legal services and got nothing in return. Aren’t you pleased I am not cynical?

Now, as you can see, Nadir Chelsey lays the blame firmly at my door, and who can blame the poor confused ??? who used to be Nadir Thingymajig and is clearly schizophrenic and in need of our sympathy.

So where do all those who are members of his legal advice page go to for advice now? I am sure in the fullness of time it will be revealed, although a comment came out that the true owner of all these persona’s allegedly commented “I am in two minds about it”. What only two?

Never give in, never give up and do not believe all you read.

Pauline Read

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