Cyprus Problem | The South is Not Committed to a Solution

Cyprus Problem | The South is Not Committed to a SolutionCyprus Problem – The South is Not Committed to a Solution

According to the Havadis newspaper (14.01.14) Alexander Downer, the UN Secretary-General’s special adviser for Cyprus, has postponed his meeting with the two Cyprus Presidents, President Eroglu and President Anastasiades, because he is annoyed that agreement could not be reached on the joint declaration demanded by the south’s president as a pre-condition for starting talks. If an agreement is not reached during his visit on Thursday, Havidis reported, then the UN Secretary-General’s adviser will inform the Security Council of the failure of his efforts and the reasons for this failure.

However, the Kibris newspaper (14.01.14) reports that Osman Ertug, speaking for President Eroglu, received a letter from Alexander Downer stating that he was forced to postpone the meeting because of personal reasons and that he hoped to meet soon with President Eroglu. Eroglu said that the north’s proposal for the joint declaration had been submitted on 14 December:

“However, as you see, the Greek Cypriot side wants to continue this statement game. In its recent letter to Ban Ki-moon, it refers to a short statement. What they call short statement is preparing a text taking into consideration some UN Resolutions, which concern them, or, more correctly, which protect their interests. This is nothing than playing with time, because the Cyprus problem could not be solved without sitting at the negotiating table?”

President Eroglu believes that President Anastasiades should have stated that he was committed to continuing the negotiations from the point they had been left by former President Christofias, just as Eroglu had stated after succeeding President Talat. He also questioned the wisdom of the UN for supporting the idea of a joint declaration.

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