Ankara Travel – a review by Pauline Read

I have, as I keep telling you, a inbuilt dread of all things technical. Now to me, even my laptop falls into that category. So when I need to travel, I hotfoot into Ankara Travel to get advice and book my flight tickets.

I have to say that their service is excellent and often goes beyond the normal. For instance, on my last flight to Birmingham, I went via Istanbul. Birmingham is the nearest airport to where my family live and since they insist on fetching me from the airport, I try to make that journey as short as possible. When I booked my ticket, I was told to either ring or pop into Ankara Travel a week before my departure and they would book my seat for me, this is at no extra cost. I went in and Handon, a lovely lady who is very efficient, did the necessary and got me the seats I required, aisle and near the front. She also said that if Chris ( you know, agile one) popped in or phoned a week before my return, she would book the return flight seat. Chris did not do this….so imagine how pleased I was to arrive at the booking- in desk and find she had indeed reserved the same numbered seat as the ones I had on the outward journey.

I must also mention Eren who booked my tickets for my American trip on the last two occasions I visited there. He was courteous, informative and was able to book my seats at the time I bought the ticket, again at no extra cost to me. Of course I am talking of flights with Turkish Airlines who have now become my airline of choice. Their service is exemplary and their staff are very friendly, nothing is too much trouble, and no, I do not travel anything other than economy.

Again another plus for both Ankara Travel and Turkish Airlines. My friend, who sadly has returned to the U.K. another casualty of the Property Market, had to travel with her two Siamese cats. She booked her tickets to Paris with the same combo, and was impressed with the service.

Chris accompanied her to Ercan with the her luggage and the cats. The staff were aware of her requirements, were ready and waiting for the cats and made what could have been a very difficult time, very simple.

Yesterday I went into Ankara and booked a seat for my sister to visit me in June, now much as I love wandering around Istanbul airport , in my opinion, one of the most user friendly airports in the world, my sister who does not travel as often, would find that daunting and it is for this reason I have booked her Birmingham to Larnaca so that she does not have to make a connection. The ‘boss’ Cenk Turmen made this booking for me and it is obvious from his dealing with me that his leadership is reflected in the attitude of all his friendly, efficient and courteous staff. Ankara Travel deserve to be the leading Travel Agent used by us all.

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