The Era of People Power – Egypt shows the way

After two weeks of the people of Egypt making their feelings abundantly clear, Hosni Mubarak has acceded to their wishes and has resigned as President. After 30 years in power, people power has achieved the downfall of this man who, it is said, had been grooming his son to take over after him. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces are now in charge until democratic elections can be organised and take place in the coming months. The reaction of the rest of the World is in the main supportive and very positive towards the changes. Interestingly reports are also coming in that Switzerland has frozen Mr. Mubarak’s bank accounts. Belt tightening times ahead for the ousted President? One of the most poignant moments I have yet seen is when a Cleric was being interviewed on BBC World, His joy was palpable and his words, very reassuring. He spoke of freedom, of witnessing Muslims and Christians join hands in Liberation Square and dancing, united in their joy. How will this effect the people of the TRNC is an unknown. In Turkey, people were dancing in the street, sharing in the happiness of the people of Egypt. Statements from the President and Prime Minister of Turkey both supportive and positive. Turkey is said to be angry with the TRNC Union demonstrators who, it is alleged, insulted the Turkish Government with their actions. ?Was it the Unions, or was it Greek Cypriot infiltrators of the demonstrations who unfurled their flags? I do not know, I was not there but I have had this scenario related to me by a source I do hold in high regard. The Anthony Davey campaign on Facebook continues and it is heartening that ordinary men and women of all nationalities feel strongly enough to put their name to this show of support. It seems that the necessary Guarantors have not yet come forward. We are living in much reduced circumstances financially but we can only hope that perhaps two financially secure ‘well wishers’ will emerge. I too would like extend my condolences to the parents and family of Ali and Adem, the boys who lost their lives in this tragic accident.

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