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As I pointed out yesterday, there is a small degree of risk in that if Anthony Davey were to find a way to leave this island, without his passport, the Guarantor’s would have to forfeit whatever asset they used as surety. They are in fact guaranteeing Anthony’s presence in court should he have charges to face.

A considerable number of us have never received our Kocans, so even if we felt so inclined, we cannot act as Guarantors. The fact that a lot of us are in this situation is indeed an indictment on the state of the Property Market here, but that story is best left for another day.

The number of people who have joined the ‘Free Anthony Davy campaign’ on Facebook has grown to over 220, it was over 230 but some have left because they are becoming annoyed at finding their inboxes flooded each morning. Please, I ask of all members, keep the trivia off this page and use it as a point of reference only. All important news and developments will appear there. Talk to each other in the usual way via your personal Facebook page. We need as many members as possible to demonstrate the strength of public opinion and every member is important. Can I ask anyone reading this, if you haven’t joined and do feel strongly in support of Anthony, please join. There is strength in numbers. I did not start this campaign but I was nominated as administrator, I do feel strongly so I accepted.

I will do the best job I know how, but please remember, when I say I am a LUDDITE, I am telling the truth, however my destruction of machines is purely from ignorance and the fact that I seem to have a mental block when it comes to all things technical.

I also urge you to continue emailing Amnesty International, there e mail address is above. The Human Rights Watch is from which you can e mail directly to them.

Anthony still remains in Central Prison in Lefkosa, his spirits are said to high. He is as well as can be expected in a man of his age and his state of health. I asked a contact of mine who visits this prison regularly in an attempt to help those in need, how she would describe the conditions in the prison. Her words, disgusting and filthy. I know we all say that prisons in the U.K. have become like holiday camps, well I personally have never seen either, but given a choice, I’ll let you guess what I am thinking!

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