Taxi! – comparing August 2011 taxi prices from Larnaca Airport to the north

NCFP asked 10 North Cyprus taxi companies to quote for a journey from Larnaca to the Alsancak area. We used email to contact 10 taxi companies on Saturday 20th August at 16:51. These companies were the ones we could easily find contact details for. We prefer email because then you can print out the reply and show it to the taxi driver when he  decides to add £5 to the price as happened once to me. By Tuesday morning we gave up waiting for replies from 6 of the taxi firms and decided to publish rather than wait any longer.

These are the 4 replies we received:

Ozy [Ibo] Taxi
[email protected]
Our Larnaca transfers to the Kyrenia area are a standard £50 pounds unless there are more than 4 people travelling, then we send a people carrier which will take up to 7 people for £60. 24 hour service.  All airport and local taxis.  English spoken. We cover the WHOLE of Cyprus. Other services include Car Rentals and insurance.
Taxi Express
(+9)0 548 838 88 40
[email protected]
From Malatya to Larnaca return it will cost £50.00 each way, up to 3 passengers, if above 3 person then the cost will be £60.00 as a people carrier will be needed. Our General transfer fees are £50.00 each way up to 3 passengers from Kyrenia (Girne) region to Larnaca and £60.00 each way up to 7 passengers. From the Karşiyaka end and Esentepe and the Tatlisu end it will cost £55.00 for 3 passengers and £65.00 up to 7 pax.
North Cyprus Taxis
[email protected]
This transfer will cost £100 return, £50 there and £50 back.
 Muzo/Belerbeyi Taxis
[email protected]
Taxı prıce from Larnaca to Malatya ıs £60 one way.


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