Feedback from the “Make North Cyprus Better Movement” conference today

Well yes I did attend the inaugural meeting of the . Was I inspired, maybe just a little, but we have a long way to go .

Ada TV were recording the first part of the conference with a view to it being aired tonight. The audience of about 100 were predominately British, with some Europeans and some Turkish Cypriots. Former Chair of Embargoed! Fevzi Hussein interrupted his holiday to be with us. My fellow Committee member Pembe was also present.

Rahmi Uzsan gave a commentary in both Turkish and English for the benefit of the film crew from Ada T.V. Rahmi is Chairman of the MNCBM and I have to say in a private conversation with him, Pembe, and Fevzi after the meeting, I found him very informative and totally committed to the cause of making North Cyprus better for everyone.

The theme of the meeting was obviously as the title implied ‘Action against Eviction.’ It seemed that the main thrust was to get the TRNC to act before the situation reached the stage where the ECHR would be forced to introduce sanctions and measures that would not only be punitive but would belittle both the TRNC and Turkey in the eyes of the rest of the world.

The objectives of the new Movement are in line with everything we the victims of the Property scams want, as are 8 point proposals which are to be the basis of negotiations with the Government.

Bob French of Kulaksiz 5 proposed a vote of thanks to the committee.

I then took the opportunity of announcing that our Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group had topped the 900 membership level. I pointed out that over 700 of our members were Turkish Cypriots who either had votes or were in a position to influence family who did have votes and that indeed our membership came from places far and wide: UK, USA, Australia and all over Europe.

The battle is far from over. It is imperative that we increase our membership and that we continue to question and oppose the status quo. Pembe and I are committed to helping those of our members in need because a final solution seems a long way off.

Never give in, never give up.

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