An attempt to get the North Cyprus Government to ACT!

The aims of the newly formed Making North Cyprus Better Movement is a step forward and one that has taken me personally by surprise, albeit a very pleasant surprise. In my opinion it behoves us all to give them our full support.

Their 8-point proposal will undoubtedly make things a lot better for all of us affected by the Property Market Problems. Now if the word problem seems a bit of an understatement, then that is because today I am wearing my diplomatic head.

It is important that we do understand that for this to succeed, the committee need not only our support but the co-operation of the present government. Sad to say, this present government do not have a good track record for a) supporting initiatives and b) keeping its word.

I was asked to conduct a poll of the members of the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group and initially agreed to try. This however is a somewhat daunting task so I decided to take another route. Of the 848 members we have in the Group, over 80% are Turkish Cypriot. This tells me three things:-

1. We need more UK and European members.

2. We have an extraordinary number of people who can actually VOTE in the next General Election in the TRNC.

3. Those who are Turkish Cypriot and also British or American or Australian (yes we have members everywhere) do have family here in the TRNC.

One thing I have learned from living here is that with Turkish Cypriots, family is everything. I cannot imagine that those with families in the TRNC have not discussed their concerns about the blackmail and corruption rife in the property market and elsewhere. Nepotism and cronyism allows totally unsuitable candidates to be given responsible jobs in government offices and departments. Do you think that these family will not bear this in mind when voting in the next election?

I am going to repeat the 8 points yet again, even though they did appear in the Press Release published earlier.

1. Mortgage repossession proceedings are suspended with regard to all homes in TRNC until enacting new laws or reinforcing existing laws and procedures as detailed in the 8 point proposal

2. The rule of law prevails in North Cyprus and any indirect way of stealing is not allowed. There should be heavy penalties for ignoring TRNC LAWS or attempting to mislead the Courts. To state clearly the TRNC Government is the ultimate guarantor of the contracts and is obliged to fulfil their conditions.

3. With the exceptions of undesirable aliens and designated land areas made known to Advocates, that ‘permission to purchase’ is a quick process and that contracts are registered as part of that process.

4. Home buyers’ contracts signed in good faith are binding and are unequivocally respected by the Courts.

5. The government instructs the Central Bank to notify all Banks that the rules of the TRNC Mortgage Law 11/78 cannot be ignored by a creditor and that they will be enforced by the Courts. That for the avoidance of doubt, any creditor needs to search and declare any houses on any secured land and that any contracts of home buyers are binding on any creditor too.

6. Homes cannot be taken away from *residents without their knowledge or by fraudulent tricks. When a landowner or creditor allows a home to be built or sold on his land he cannot ignore the sales contract and grab the homes of home buyers, as in 5 above any creditor is also bound by the same contracts.

7. Kocans should be transferred to homebuyers as soon as they have completed their contracted obligations without any further payment to any creditor, landowner, developer or advocate.

8. The Government confirms that the TRNC Kocans are secure title and that Turkey is the ultimate Guarantor.

Looking at these 8 points, I am in full agreement; the only thing I would add is in point 6. I would tighten this up a little and put *residents or owners or those in legal possession.

The word resident implies someone living there and as we all know, the owner is not always resident; my own case being a prime example, or indeed Eva McCluskey. We all know that the advocates/banks/builders/landowners are all looking for loopholes, let us make sure there are none.

Remember the Conference at PIA BELLA HOTEL in Girne Tuesday 23rd August 2011 at 3.00 p.m.

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