Review of Drive Time with Fevzi and Canan Radio Programme – 5/4/2011

RadioAs you might expect, this week’s edition was emotional and so very, very sad.

The first caller, Alison was calling in from the UK. Alison and her family first bought a small place in the North which they used for holidays, on one visit they were visited by a builder who told her that he could build them a bigger place and sell the smaller one for them. They entered into a Contract with him. It is the old, old story of the builder selling their first home before he had completed the second, their moving their belongings lock, stock and barrel then arriving to find their new property not ready, so having to rent. When the new property was habitable, they found themselves connected to someone else’s electricity and water and of course loosing that supply so having to spend £8000 on a generator from another rogue and then finding that this was faulty.

Eventually they returned to the UK. They had no planning permission and even today there is no infrastructure. Alison bought her property in 2005. I was heartened when she said the Turkish Cypriot builder was now a guest in one Her Majesty’s Prisons; best place for him. That of course does not help Alison. Alison, like all of us echoed the cry: ‘we need help!’ Alison said you could not blame the Government for rogue builders. Now there I disagree with Alison. If the Government are not aware of what is happening in all aspects of the country’s economy, of which the building sector has been enormous, then they should not be in power and they should not be drawing a salary.

Ismail Veli, a patriotic Turkish Cypriot and an active campaigner for Embargoed! called in to the programme. Just the tremor in his voice showed how angry and emotional he was on the subject. As Ismail pointed out, the three key earners as far as the TRNC is concerned are Property, Tourism and Universities. I particularly empathise with Ismail as I am aware of the effort and hard work he and all Embargoed! put in to furthering the cause of TRNC, the unfairness of its isolation, the need to lift all embargoes and respect the Human Rights of every Turkish Cypriot. However, the work they do is being undermined by a few within the TRNC who are violating the Human Rights of all Property victims and refusing to engage in even the most basic dialogue with them and allowing out-dated and archaic laws to be applied and for obvious fraudulent practises to continue. These laws that are contrary to the Constitution of the TRNC and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The property market is on its knees and will only recover when the Government pull their finger out and address these problems. If you were looking to go on holiday and you were reading all this negative media cover; tales of old people losing their homes because of mortgages that sound very dodgy, would you choose that country, would you want to give your hard-earned money to those who are treating pensioners in such a cruel and callous way? Tourism will suffer further on the back of the property problem. Tourism is already at a very low ebb.

Marion Stokes of the Home Buyers Pressure Group was due to speak on Drive Time but for whatever reason, did not.

It was interesting that when Fevzi was winding up the programme he pointed out that despite many requests during the last three programmes for Akfinans to phone in and give their side of the story, to date that have not responded. Perhaps they feel threatened by the truth. Not that I am suggesting they speak anything but what they believe to be the truth.

Just to remind you, TRNC Foreign Minister Husseyin Ozgurgun will be giving a talk in Room 4A, First Committee Corridor, in the House of Lords between 16.30-18.00 tomorrow Wednesday 6th April 2011. The meeting will be hosted by Lord Maginnis, Leading members of Embargoed! are boycotting the meeting because of Kulaskiz 5 and other property victims The TRNC UK Representative had instructed that no questions about Kulaksiz would be allowed as this is an internal matter, so it would not be appropriate for them to be addressed to Mr Ozgurgun. As was pointed out to me: Foreign investment = Foreign Affairs. Mass defrauding of British Citizens in the TRNC aided by TRNC laws and Government = Foreign Affairs.

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