in Cyprus Today – 6/4/2011

Car number plate chaos – a crackdown on 1975 number plate laws came into force on April 1st. According to that law number plates should be standardised, officially stamped number plates. Apparently this return to an old law is so that speed cameras can read them. These plates should be between 7.6 and 8.9cm high with a minimum border gap of 1.3cm. Front plates should be white and the back, yellow. In fact, according to a police spokesperson, the police are mainly focusing on highly customised plates. Editor: so they’ll be fining rich and influential people with custom plates then? I’m alright Jack, the number plate is the only thing in working order on the car. I wonder if there is a law about covering the plates in mud so they can’t be read?

Service cuts on cards for residents – because of cuts to municipal funding based on a population linked formula used worldwide. Editor: will that mean pot-holed roads?

New helmet law set to be introduced – although this law is welcomed one commenter says the law “makes no sense unless license regulations are included… kids who can’t even ride a bicycle (can legally) getting straight on to a motorbike.

Union leader faces charges of treason – well not really. The head of the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union (KTOS) has not only received death threats for his Unions’ stand against the austerity measures but  there have been calls by the Solidarity Association to bring treason charges against him for making “statements against the TRNC, Turkey and the Turkish army.” He has also been accused of playing into the hands of Greek Cypriots because he said that he was “proud to be a Cypriot.” In another story the union leader could lose control of the union at their annual general assembly on Saturday.

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