“Has the TRNC Government taken leave of it’s senses?”

madHas the TRNC Government taken leave of its senses? The TRNC Foreign Minister is being given the honour of being allowed to address the House of Lords. For a State that is not recognised by the United Kingdom, that is indeed a privilege. Does the Government of the TRNC use this occasion to mend fences and further their cause in achieving their aim to be recognised by the World family? To demonstrate that it is a Country worthy of recognition by showing how well it is run, how each person living in the TRNC receives fair and equal recognition under the law and in line with the dictates of the widely accepted principles set down in its own Constitution and a commonly held belief by all civilised countries enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

The TRNC Government instruct its hosts that the Minister will not take questions on the Kulaksiz 5 issue or any other property related matters. The reason given is that it is not a matter of Foreign Policy. Well, strictly speaking, it could be seen that way. However all the hard-working Non Governmental Organisations who work to champion the cause of achieving Direct Flights, Free Trade and the lifting of Embargoes do not see it that way. Many were waiting for this opportunity to question the Minister on the very subjects they are now told are taboo. Some, it is reported, intend to boycott meetings with the Minister for this very reason. When you consider the almost infamous case of Kulaksiz 5, all of whom are British, the Minister is a guest in the capital of their country of birth, yet he refuses to take questions on their plight. Kulaksiz 5 are by no means the only British victims and there other nationalities involved, including British Turkish Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Whoever is responsible for Public Relations in the TRNC needs to be looking for another line of work, this job is not for him/her.

There seems to be some very odd decisions coming out of the TRNC. The oddest, in my view, is to ignore property problems. I am told this has been clear since 2004 and yet successive Governments have failed to address the issue. Now, as an outsider, I have to ask is there a nepotistic network at large here? Is there someone rather too close to the Government whispering in their ear, whispers that would normally be ignored but for some reason cannot be? Is there someone or some group, not elected by the people, but nevertheless fashioning decisions way beyond their remit? Am I suggesting corruption, you are wondering? Am I suggesting collusion perhaps? The problem with things that go on behind closed doors is that eventually that door gets forced open.

The victims of property problems are innocent and in many cases elderly. They are confused, unsure and extremely frightened. A future they believed was assured no longer exists for them. Does the TRNC really want to go down in history as the country that betrayed, stole from and mistreated their guests? Is there no such thing as honour in the TRNC?

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