NCFP hits a new high

new-logoYesterday North Cyprus Free Press received 2101 visits to their website, the highest since its launch in September 2009. Part of the reason for this has been its  listing as a Cyprus newspaper on the website but support by Cyprus44 members and Lincguide have also helped.  In addition to that a great deal of international interest has been sparked by controversial topics including the Cyprus Problem and property issues such as banks securing loans to developers on properties they have already sold.

The ability to comment and debate the current 125 articles has attracted nearly 400 comments many of them from Greek and Turkish Cypriots keen to air their opinions about these issues. The downside of this has been the amount of abuse that some posters seem to feel is necessary to put over their point. The addition of a Comment Rating system means that posters can give feedback as to whether they like or dislike a post. Currently on test is a facility whereby if enough people dislike a post it can only be accessed by clicking a link. So far this has not been abused, but we shall see.

Many people have offered to submit articles and to those who have not yet emailed them to [email protected] we await your submission in anticipation. Thanks to all those who have made this a worthwhile venture and we hope to serve you for as long as we are needed.

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