Have your cake and eat it too

cakeOK let’s talk about political bias, or shall we call it playing more games. In late September  the English language South Cyprus newspaper “Cyprus Mail” criticized the attacks through the Cypriot media against the UN Special envoy, Alexander Downer. He is accused of having an openly pro Turkish “leaning” in connection with solving the Cyprus “Problem”.

Practically all UN Officials have been condemned as pro Turkish by the Greek  Cypriot side. Also they are accused of insulting and ignoring the Greek Cypriot arguments and positions.

Why then, are the RoC officials, some of whom are obviously backing the rhetoric against Downer and cohorts, repeatedly demanding greater involvement in the problem solving talks by the UN when in the light of their own media (which must after all reflect some consensus) the officials of the UN are so obviously biased against the Greek Cypriot side?

When are they going to learn that they can’t have their cake and eat it? You cannot expect serious politicians to demand the input of UN personnel, who in the same breath are stated as being anti Greek to get a result (or is this, “the hidden agenda?”). The UN is there to broker the “peace talks” and if in all the years that this “Problem” has existed people have not developed the maturity to accept that a negotiator cannot accept all the arguments a party has to offer and must by definition represent both sides. It is not correct to say,  just because he cannot accept all the Greek Cypriot demands, that he is pro Turkish, since he cannot accept all the Turkish ones either. Do you hear the Turkish Cypriots bleating about pro Greek bias in the UN?  Or do they (RoC) seriously believe that a senior level UN negotiator can ignore the interests of one party altogether in any dealings. When it suits  them to hide behind an external “authority” because their  demands are not being met with the credence they would like, then just maybe the justification is missing for at least some of them.

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