Ercan airport, well not quite

fluI’m sitting here in bed with what is probably flu, having recently just returned from Turkey. It was an interesting flight from Ercan where the passengers were all asked to fill in forms with information the airline already had and some, including final destination, they didn’t. Also I was being asked to say whether I had the symptoms of flu. I wrote that I hadn’t but, being nosy, was surprised when the sniffling passenger next to me wrote that they hadn’t either.

As my neighbour was talkative, I took this opportunity to broach the subject with him. He explained that there was no way he was going to jeopardise his holiday by telling the truth. He was visibly sneezing all through the journey but the hostesses ignored this.

The journey back to Ercan seven days later was a total contrast. My nose was streaming, I was stifling coughs and sneezes and no one cared. There were no forms to fill in and as far as the authorities were concerned there were no swine flu epidemic dangers. Although in fact I agree with this view it was a surprise that CTA and the north Cyprus authorities shared that view.

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