Helping NCFP without paying a penny – the blank space in the right-hand column

Some of you may have noticed that NCFP carries a few adverts in the left and right columns. Some are free adverts for local businesses, linking to their websites, but three other areas are to raise finances to cover the running costs of the online newspaper. On the top of the left hand column we have been running an advert using various companies which if you buy their goods or services results in us being paid a small percentage of what you spend. After a 4 month trial we are quite pleased with the £120 this is raised so far, our earnings from over £4000 worth of products you have purchased, including flat-screen TVs. Thank you very much for your support.

In the right hand column we have started trialling two totally different types of adverts which work on a completely different principle – payment per click. One advertiser’s adverts has appeared already and each day is SEEN 1000-2000 times. So far no one has clicked to the point of viewing an advert, so that we receive a few pence, but we’ll see. We are waiting for the other advertiser’s advert to appear to see how successful that performs, but until then that is why there is a blank space in the right hand column! Well that is if you haven’t got an adblocker turned on.

For those with Adblock on they’ll find that down in the left hand corner of their screen is a little [ABP] logo, you could just click on that and make NCFP an exception if you wanted, or not if that’s what you wanted.

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