The TRNC Twilight Zone – where the laws of common-sense are violated

In the twilight zone between waking and sleeping, when the ‘fog’ is still lingering around the edges of your conscious, you are in the in between state where the reality of your life has not yet penetrated, you could almost be anywhere. Suddenly you are jolted and the reality of your life takes over. You are now totally aware that the living nightmare of your day to day life in the TRNC is about to start again.

Are you living in a parallel universe where right and wrong no longer exist, where the rich own justice and the poor have whatever the rich allow them to have? A little strong you may think, but is it?

Where else in the world would an Institution such a Bank be allowed to give a mortgage to a borrower using as security a property belonging to someone other than the mortgage applicant?

Where else in the world would that same Bank wait two years before chasing that applicant for non-payment of the debt?

Where else in the world would it be said to be lawful not to advise the true owner of the mortgage or the non-payment of the mortgage?

Where else in the world would a Court issue a Court Order allowing the Bank to repossess the owners’ homes entirely without their knowledge or consent?

Where else in the world would the owners find out about an impending Auction of their homes only by reading about it on a notice on a coffee shop door?

Where else in the world would the Government totally ignore the Human Rights of the owners and allow the Auction to go ahead regardless of common-sense?

Where else in the world would the Government ignore the illegal breaking and entering a home without a Court order sanctioning it, not once but twice?

Where else in the world would the Central Bank allow one of its members to use an annual 250% interest on a debt and then the court reduces it to 80% per quarter compound thinking that would be acceptable?

Where else in the world would these things be happening and continue to happen whilst the Government totally ignore them?

You already know the answer and you already know this is the tip tip of a very large iceberg.

It is happening here and now in the TRNC

The Government blame the antiquated laws, inherited they say from the British. If you accept that argument, what have the law makers done about it since the foundation of the TRNC over 25 years ago?

New laws they tell us have been put on the statute books which are of course of no use whatsoever to those injured by the old laws. Indeed loopholes have already been found in these new laws. How can old laws be allowed to injure people anyway? If they are unjust now, they were unjust when they were put on the statue books. Laws are to protect the people, not to hurt them. How many old laws are still on the statue books merely because the Government hasn’t bothered to change them? Why have they not been repealed even though daily they cause misery and suffering to those the Government should be there to protect? People make laws, people can therefore unmake laws. Laws are made to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, not the other way round.

Who is going to be brave enough to tell the Banks, you were wrong? Who is going to be brave enough to tell the victims, we are not going to let the Banks take your homes? The answer should be the Government, but what is that sound I hear? SILENCE.

Never give in – Never give up.

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