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bittorentIt was as a result of a post on Cyprus44, asking for a beginners’ book to learn piano, that I decided to write a quick article about downloading free ebooks. To download a book is a fairly simple process as long as you only download .pdf files which compared to other files have a much lower chance of containing a virus.

The first step is to choose your book using A quick search returned 4-star rated “How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons.”

The next step is to use KAT to search for that book as a .pdf file. A quick search brings up the book and clicking on the link takes you to a list of several places the file can be found. A click on one of these links takes you to where the torrent file is found but before you do this you need µTorrent software to download it just as the article about downloading UK TV programmes explained. If you already have this software then you can start your download, otherwise follow these steps:

  • Download µTorrent from and install it.
  • Go back to the book file now, click on the link and then accept the download in µTorrent and wait while it downloads
  • In µTorrent, when it has downloaded, right click on the book and then on OPEN CONTAINING FOLDER
  • open the book and read it, don’t forget to save it to a sensibly named folder

How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons

How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy LessonsHow to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons

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