in Cyprus Today – 9/12/2009

cyprus-todayRobb legal team quits – more than 50 court cases taken out against Gary Robb have been postponed because his legal team said they had not been paid and had not been in touch with him since he was deported.

Government chases cash from banks – they were owed $250m when 5 banks went bust in the 2000-2001 period. It was suggested that the money had been transferred out into family-owned companies. Editor: which is similar to what bankrupt construction companies allegedly do. The difference being that in the case of the banks the government was affected and so it is called fraud and so some of those involved went to prison.

Talat ‘has Plan B’ if peace deal talks fail – but he won’t say what it is

Stokes: ‘Government is not talking to us’ – HBPG’s calls are not being returned, nor are those of the UABP Aga buyer’s action group. Editor: at least the previous government pretended to care but this one gives the strong impression that if ex-pats have a property problem they cannot turn to them for help as they don’t seem to care if people lose everything because of a largely unregulated construction industry

Glittering success – the Children in Need Foundation raised 22,000TL for local children. Editor: this gives the strong impression that if local children have a problem they can turn to the ex-pats, along with locals, as they care about children in need

Patricia’s expert help for TRNC gardeners – Patricia Jordan took part in a Gardener’s Question Time at Ozankoy Bookshop

Canterbury tales: the GAU chapter – the GAU have opened a campus in Canterbury in Kent

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Bryant? – Rauf Denktaş points out that the British minister, Chris Bryant, who recently visited Cyprus, was wrong in saying that current negotiation are the best opportunity of solving the Cyprus problem. He points to Britain recognising Makarios as the head of Cyprus in 1963 as the cause of the crisis.

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