Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 | The Appeal Has Been Adjourned

Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 | The Appeal Has Been AdjournedWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited

Remember….below is the decision that AKFINANS BANK LIMITED are appealing. They have had since the 4th December to get court ready….yet 18 months on and they ask for an adjournment because they need more time to prepare…and surprise, surprise, the Court gives them this time. How questionable is that decisions??

The Appeal due to be heard yesterday Monday 13th June 2016, has been adjourned….again.

The new date given for the Appeal is the 4th October 2016 which means they will then have had 22 months to prepare, I wonder if they will be ready then? You Could Not Make It Up.


It seems that unlike the Republic of Cyprus who passed a law declaring these type of mortgages illegal, the north of the island of Cyprus have no honour and will keep allowing those unfortunate enough to have had a mortgage placed on their dream homes to be persecuted, even unto death…three of the Kulaksiz 5 occupants have died.

Yesterday I also learned that a site built by Boyut also in Karsiyaka is due to go to auction on Sunday next in exactly the same way as the Kulaksiz 5, but this time the bank involved is allegedly Near East Bank, also known as Yakin Dogu Bank.

Another set of innocent purchasers are about to be persecuted and my heart goes out to them..

Will this evil ever end.

Pauline Read

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2 comments to Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 | The Appeal Has Been Adjourned

  • fluter

    No, this evil will never end, as long as they are all pals or relatives together.

    What possible excuse could there have been for this adjournment, after all this time?

    None, of course, apart from the judiciary being awfully nice to their friends the bank.

  • Polly Marples

    You are correct fluter.