NCFP Poll - Should UK Leave the EU?

NCFP Poll - Should UK Leave the EU?I suppose that by now we have all had time to listen to both sides of the argument for either leaving or staying in the EU. Perhaps listened to the lies would have been more accurate. The reality is that most of us decided long ago how we would vote and no amount of persuasion from the opposite camp would change our view. Unfortunately, it is also true that for most of us the reason for holding that view is probably not supported by facts and is, as the word implies, a prejudice or pre-judgement.

Anyway, let’s see how the NCFP readers would vote, if they could be bothered.

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3 comments to NCFP Poll – Should UK Leave the EU?

  • Polly Marples

    Would love to see more folk voting.

  • fluter

    Me too.

  • Miltiades

    It comes as no surprise that the ….geriatrics on the NCFP overwhelmingly voted for Brexit !!

    Watch your pensions crumble as the pound takes a nose dive !!
    Well at least our NHS will be …..better off by 350 million a week, also we now have …..control of our …borders!!
    ” Pound (GBP) Crumbling against Euro (EUR) as Brexit Become”