Açmenya Restaurant in Alsancak in North Cyprus

Açmenya Restaurant in Alsancak in North CyprusIf you eat out in north Cyprus on a Sunday and have grown tired of ‘meze and something on a stick’, how about a Sunday roast? We have been going to Açmenya for many years and I have to say I challenge anyone to find better value. Three courses are still only 30tl, at today’s rate £6.35. The waiters are very attentive and they come with your drinks, a basket of bread and olives very quickly.

There is a choice of starters prawn cocktail, soup of the day and pate. We chose the soup and pate , both very good.

Mains, a choice of Roast Beef, Roast Chicken or Roast Pork, we both had the Roast Beef which came with a large dish of vegetables which included roast potatoes. They even have Horseradish sauce and Colman’s mustard!

Now the dessert…….this is where it gets interesting, they are all laid out on a table and you go and help yourself, plenty to choose from and the ice cream fridge as well.

This amazing price also includes ‘help yourself coffee and brandy’.

A final note is that their Brandy sours are excellent!

Coming from Girne turn left at the Golden lady in Alsancak, next left and it is a short way up there on the right hand side.

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