North Cyprus Property Victims | You Won’t Fool Me Twice


North Cyprus Property Victims – You Won’t Fool Me Twice

Yesterday I had the most amazing suggestion made to me. Instead of lambasting the reappointment of the same Head of the Constructors Union, Mr. Cafer Gurcafer, I should be cosying up to him and getting his support for the victims of the property scams in north Cyprus.

Been there, done that, got the scars. When Kulaksiz 5 made their first TV appearance, he was there alongside them, denouncing the Bank (who were making phone calls to have the TV programme taken off the air) whilst the live TV programme was going out live. He promised his support but like a lot of promises the K5 received, they were more for public consumption rather than for real.

I remember that he was going to help us prepare a report on each house, on how badly it was built and we were going to co-operate with him. It never happened either. In fact at the end of the week we were each given the task of preparing this report, the Bank broke in and took my property, Friday the 30th July 2010 a date burnt into my brain.

All I can recall the offers of none existent help ever did for any property victim is to buy time for the villain. Why now would I have reason to believe it would be any different? Fool me once more fool you, fool me twice more fool me.

Clutching the proverbial viper to my bosom is not my style. I loathe duplicity and have learned from experience how to recognise it.

Get thee behind me Satan.

Never give in never give up.

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