North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 7th November 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 7th November 2020The only real North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 7th November 2020 consists of stating the obvious – the deteriorating Turkish Lira isn’t good for the North Cyprus economy.


RECORD LOW TL HITS ECONOMY – SMALL businesses and charities in North Cyprus are on the brink of “bankruptcy” due to the plummeting value of the Turkish lira and the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, leading figures have warned. The TL fell to new lows this week against the British pound, US dollar and the euro. The pound was yesterday trading hands for almost 11.2TL, while the euro had passed the 10TL mark. A dollar was valued at around 8.5TL. Ten years ago one pound was worth just 2.25TL. One Turkish lira is now equivalent to around 9p.


Gas prices rise by 32% – A WHOPPING 32 per cent increase in the price of a bottle of gas before winter has been slammed. On Monday Intergaz announced that it had put up the price of 10-kilo gas bottle from 68TL to 90TL, while LPG Production and Marketing Cooperative chief Nevzat Nevzat announced that they would sell the same size gas bottle for 89TL. Mr Nevzat blamed the price hike on the fall in the value of the Turkish lira, which he said in turn has made gas imports more expensive.

‘Arrivals tagging to be rolled out by November 15’ –  HOME quarantine for people arriving from overseas could be rolled out by Sunday, November 15, “at the latest” Health Minister Ali Pilli said this week. Speaking to BRT TV regarding a pilot electronic tagging scheme, that was previously reported by Cyprus Today, Dr Pilli said: “We are planning to replace central quarantine with home quarantine. We believe that we will succeed.”

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