North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 2nd July 2022

Not a lot of happy North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 2nd July 2022. Contaminated beaches, homeless students and rip off fuel prices to mention just a few.


İSKELE BEACH E.COLI DANGER – THERE are dangerous levels of E. coli in the sea at the İskele Public Beach, according to new figures released by the government. Analyses carried out by the Health Ministry in June showed that there were a total of 1,100 colony forming units (cfu) per 100 millilitres of water at the beach — more than twice the minimum safe limit of 500cfu/100ml as set out by the TRNC government, which is based on an EU directive regarding bathing water quality.

Calls for inquiry into ‘rip-off’ power plant fuel oil purchase – THERE have been calls for an investigation after it was claimed that the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (Kıb-Tek) was ripped off to the tune of $1 million after the government authorised an emergency purchase of fuel oil to prevent the TRNC being left in the dark.

Minister: nearly 400 crooks booted out of North Cyprus – ALMOST 400 foreign nationals who have been involved in criminal activity have been kicked out of the TRNC in the last two months, according to Interior Minister Ziya Öztürkler. Mr Öztürkler , who took up his post in May, provided the figures during a BRT TV interview on Thursday.

“As soon as we took office, we held meetings with both the immigration police and our colleagues in immigration,” he said.

Chamber of Commerce blasts ‘mini economic package’ – MEASURES announced by Prime Minister Ünal Üstel that aim to alleviate the ongoing economic crisis are “insufficient”, the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) has said.

Uni students left in limbo ‘sleep rough’ – IT HAS been claimed that 91 students from the Cyprus International University (CIU), which is based in Haspolat, outside Lefkoşa, have been sleeping rough for nearly two weeks after their fees were not paid. According to a statement released by the Nigerian Students’ Union of Cyprus International University (NSUCIU) on Wednesday, the 91 students had been sponsored by the government of the north-western Nigerian State of Zamfara, but that it “was not able” to complete their tuition fee payment, which included payment for their accommodation.

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