North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 29th October 2022

The main North Cyprus News article on the front page of Cyprus Today on 29th October 2022 is the startling news that ‘corruption is widespread and serious.’ There is, however, a warning that the publishers have an office in the south so I guess it might not be true.


CORRUPTION ‘WIDESPREAD AND SERIOUS’ – CORRUPTION in North Cyprus has reached alarming levels, according to a new study. The claim was made in the latest annual “Corruption Perceptions in Northern Cyprus” report written by researchers Gökçekuş Ömer and Sertaç Sonan and published by Friedrich-EbertStiftung, a non-profit German foundation funded by the German government and which has an office in South Nicosia.

‘High income’ residency rules clarified as minister announces ‘last chance’ amnesty – FOREIGN nationals applying for residency in the TRNC based on “high income” must provide at least the last three months’ worth of bank statements, according to information from the British Residents Society (BRS).

Foreign Minister blames America for Ukraine war – TRNC Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu has accused the US of causing the war between Ukraine and Russia. “As a Turkish Cypriot, when I look at the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it’s very easy to see that . . . the American administration caused this war,” Mr Ertuğruloğlu said during an interview with Armstrong Williams, a Washington DC-based broadcaster.


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