North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 27th August 2022

The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on the 27th August 2022 is a bit of a mixed bag. It includes cancellations of fuel for the main power station and the KAR pet travel scheme and other news.


NEW FUEL ‘SCANDAL’ – THE head of a company that bid for a $6.8 million tender to supply 200,000 tonnes of fuel oil to the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (Kıb-Tek) for the Teknecik power station has described as “scandalous” a decision by government officials to cancel the procurement process.

Pet travel scheme partially suspended – KYRENIA Animal Rescue (KAR) has partially suspended its pet travel scheme. The charity blamed the decision on the departure of their pet travel co-ordinator, who they say left KAR “without notice and did not leave any clear instructions”. “Due to this fact, we have no option but to temporarily suspend our Pet Travel service for ‘non-KAR pets’ until we can find a suitable replacement.”

Father, son in court over $205m crypto money laundering claims – A FATHER and son suspected of being involved in a massive money laundering scheme have appeared in court. The two suspects, both with the initials “ST”, are alleged to have brought a total of 30 million euros in cash into the TRNC while also transferring $205 million from crypto currency accounts. It is believed that the money is the proceeds of crime. A businessman, referred to by the initials “ÖT”, allegedly took receipt of 2.55 million euros of the money. He and the father and son were brought to Lefkoşa District Court on Monday to hear the cases against them.

Government pushes ahead with council mergers despite demos – THE government has pushed ahead with its plans to reduce the number of municipalities from 28 to 18 despite angry demonstrations outside Parliament and filibustering by opposition MPs.

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