North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 25th December 2021

Apparently there is good North Cyprus News at last on the front page of Cyprus Today on 25th December 2021. Yeah, the Turkish Lira is not as bad as it was! The rest of the news is dire.


GOOD NEWS AT LAST! – THE TRNC has been buoyed by good news on several fronts following weeks of economic turmoil sparked by huge falls in the value of the Turkish lira. The TL, which at one point was worth more than 24 to the pound on Monday, has rocketed back to where it was in mid-November after making record gains.

Child victims of 1974 massacre laid to rest – THE remains of eleven Turkish Cypriot children who were killed by the Greek Cypriot terrorist organisation Eoka-B on August 14, 1974, and buried in mass graves in the villages of Muratağa and Sandallar have been laid to rest in individual graves with a state ceremony following formal identification by the Committee on Missing Persons.

UK vigil for Turkish Cypriots killed in 1963 – A CANDLELIGHT vigil was held in London this week to mark the 58th anniversary of a wave of attacks on Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus by Greek Cypriot gunmen and to remember the scores of victims.

President praises expat community in festive message – PRESIDENT Ersin Tatar has praised the expat community in North Cyprus in a Christmas and New Year message issued in English. He extolled foreign residents in the TRNC for their “impeccable charity and social responsibility work”, which he described as a “shining example to us all”.

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