North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 22/2/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 22/2/2014North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 22/2/2014

TRNC internet ‘no censoring’ – in North Cyprus according ‘TRNC’s telecommunications chiefs’

Shock as BRS chairman Ann decides to stand down – leaving no chairman at the moment, no reason was given for 79-year old Anne Challis leaving

Higher fees are adding to expat burden – 10% extra on residency, work and business permit fees for foreigners

Expert announces trials for ‘breakthrough’ cancer drug – Turkish Cypriot Prof Mustafa Djamgoz announced, ahead of a local fundraiser to aid his research at Imperial College, London

Home-strip suspect cleared, police say – the wife of the house sitter robber of ex-pats who fled to the UK has been set free. Editor: unlike Geoff Day accused by a TC builder of stealing a pot of paint

Sorry, not much news apart from some minor protests and some jailed robbers

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