North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 1st August 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 1st August 2020North Cyprus News on the Cyprus Today 1st August 2020 front page has just one article and that’s about the fact that the Turkish Lira is crumbling even more. At the time of going to print it was 9.17TL to the £, now it’s 9.12 TL. If it reaches 10TL then there is only one good thing and that’s the fact that it will be easier to see that a 15TL pint of Efes would cost £1.50.


9 To the Pound – Before yesterday’s bank holiday, the TRNC Central Bank was selling Sterling at 9.03, the euro for 8.17 and the US dollar at 6.96 against the Turkish Lira. But on international exchange markets last night, the Lira was hitting 9.17 to the pound. Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce president, Turgay Deniz called it a “very bad situation” for business and consumers.


Nothing worth publishing.

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