North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th January 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th January 2020The North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today’s current edition is full of anger. Anger that home-buyers are still being scammed after 15 years, anger at the quality of TRNC roads, anger at the recent price hikes and anger that the body of deceased Rauf Denktas is currently locked in a dark room instead of having a museum built to put his body in.

Bad news, nothing will be done about any of these objects of people’s anger! Well, perhaps Rauf Denktas’ body might be locked in a dark Museum for most of the day. Oh, and if the Greatstone-2 home-buyers pay for their houses twice they will find that all they have done is purchased the option to buy them a third time when they discover they still don’t have title deeds and so the developer has again put them in it. Wake up, you’re being scammed again!


Outraged – FURIOUS expats who paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for properties, only to see them auctioned off last Sunday, now face being evicted in three months, Cyprus Today has been told. The landowner has told them they can still reach a deal with him — but if not he will take legal action to oust them. The buyers, who bought into Greatstone-2 housing development in the Tinaztepe quarter of Lapta, have vowed to contact the ECHR.

Angry drivers take to streets – AN estimated 1,000 people took to the streets in Lefkoşa on Wednesday to protest against the state of the TRNC’s roads, recent price hikes and costly road tax fees. Holding banners and placards, they called on the government to “take action” or face further demonstrations. The demo, which had been postponed from the previous week due to heavy rainfall and flooding, was held at the capital’s bus terminal.

Distress over resting place – THE daughter of TRNC’s Founding President Rauf Denktaş has expressed distress over her father’s body being kept inside “a locked-up, dark room” and a lack of funds to complete the museum.

Speaking on the eighth anniversary of the late leader’s death, Ender Denktaş Vangöl told Cyprus Today: “Right now, my father is locked up inside a dark room which I do not believe is appropriate. I do not believe my father is resting in peace.”


Pipeline sabotage ruled out  – SABOTAGE has been ruled out as the cause of damage to the undersea pipeline carrying fresh water to the TRNC, Turkish officials have said. Trawler nets were also not to blame, a press statement from Turkey’s State Water Works (DSİ) said on Wednesday, which said the breakage was down to a “technical fault”. [Editor: a single break will take 2 month minimum to fix. So, if a break happens every two months…]

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1 comment to North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today 18th January 2020

  • Polly Marples

    Still behaving like an uncivilised corrupt state.

    Robbing pensioners.

    Keeping the body of their founding President in a locked darkened room is so disrespectful.

    In short no respect for anyone or anything.