North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th December 2021

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th December 2021The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 18th December 2021 is full of gloom. The Turkish Lira is plummeting even further and a Brit dies. Just what you need on the last edition before Christmas.


22TL When Will it End? – THE economy of North Cyprus was pushed further into crisis this week as the Turkish lira continued its seemingly endless fall in value against major foreign currencies. The pound — which was worth around 10TL as recently as March — was at one point yesterday afternoon trading for an eye-watering 22.5TL, having started the week at less than 19TL. The euro and US dollar also saw massive gains, rising to new records of over 19TL and nearly 17TL respectively.

Briton dies in mountain fall – A BRITISH man died after falling 30 metres — nearly 100 feet — while hiking in the lower northern part of the Five Finger mountain range on Monday. According to information provided by the police press office Steven Hare, 41, was out hiking with his friend James Swanson at about 12.30pm when he lost his balance on rocks and plunged to his death.


Lapta Municipality staff say they haven’t been paid for 4 months – WORKERS at Lapta Municipality launched an “indefinite strike” on Monday because they say they have not been paid for four months.

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